Review | Battlefield Heroes
This could have been THE multiplayer title from EA this year. Instead of that it's just another online shooter. And to be even more precise, it's a casual online shooter. I am not even going to use the words mmofps (shit now I did) for this title cause it ain't that. So now we have cleared that up, let's get going with this Review ! The thing is, this game could have been big on both casual and core level. And maybe it will still turn into that. But at this moment there are lot of loose ends in this game.

First of all you make a caracter. EA let you create up to 4 caracters. If you want to make more you first need to buy some slots with BF points. And you need to order them trough PayPal. So now that you have decided to make one you can go for the National Army (based upon the germans) or the Royal Army (based upon the british tea drinkers). Each team has 3 different types of soldiers, you have the soldier, gunner and last but not least the commando. All 3 are quite balanced, although you may find that in the beginning the commando (aka sniper and backstabber) has a bigger advantage !

After this you will install the cliŽnt and go to the battlefield. There are several battlefields that you can play on, however the system will pick a match depending on your level and skills. This has 1 major side effect. You can't decide which field you want to play on. And because you can't switch in-game between the caracters when you want to. It turns out to be quite a frustration ! Which in my oppinion is unnecessary... However when you are on the battlefield things are getting quite nice. You see people with different tactics and different attacks. And with different clothing as well.

It is somehow good that the clothing is not that big of a deal in this game. It won't give you any advantage, apart from the fact you may not be spotted that easely when you are putting on a fully yellow outfit when you're out in the farming fields. There is however 1 big thing that makes or brakes your game: ability's. Every soldier has his ability's, a soldier has firing bullets, the gunner has a shield and the commando has an invisible sheet. And you need to use them, because if you don't, you won't last that long in this game... Overall the game is nice and everytime you level up you get this GREAT feeling ! But it could have been better, for example if the website is down... you can't play the game either, how weird is that ?!

Out now: PC | EA, DICE