Preview | Battlefield Heroes
After a long time of waiting the game is finally there. It was released last weekend. But before the release and all the game was already in closed and open béta ! The oppinions about the game are quite different everytime you will ask a particular person. Personally I asked for a béta key back then. But never got one... And now I will let it rest for a moment. The weird thing is, in my oppinion the crowd doesn't know it has been released ! You were smacked to the had with commercials from EA before it was released, without a real release date on it. And now that is that time of the year. You don't want it anymore, or don't know what to do with it... The game would came out in 2008 or even 2007. Now it comes out in the summer, weird timing from EA and Dice (i say)... ! Next weekend the Review from this game.

Out now: PC | EA, DICE