Review | Battlefield Bad Company 2
I can be very short about this game. It is trying to be Modern Warfare and Advanced Warfighter in one action packed title. But, it isn't ! Let me explain it a bit more tough. I have played both, Call of Duty Modern Warfare series and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series. And if I see with what EA and DICE has come up. I can only say: what is this ?!
The shoot-outs are not really heavy shoot-outs. Just a couple of perfectly aimed shots and the enemy is dead. Snipers can't shoot that good either. Even if they have the heaviest sniper rifle in the game. + point: that don't have x-ray vision as in most games. On the other hand RPG dudes can aim pretty good and solid. The levels are quite boring. In the first game it was new and spectacular to blow up things. In this second installment not all the stuff can break. And that's too bad. Some of the buildings are easy brought down. Others will just remain unharmed. The same with the decoration in the levels ! Some fences are easely brought down and some woodenboards will just remain unharmed.
One more thing: How can you know a certain thing when it isn't explained but when you need to do a very normal shooter move it is explained trillion times. By every ammo crate I will get to see press 'E' but if I want to detonate a M-COM I have to guess. If you eventually find out it's good. But it took me a while to notice how I needed to demolish thoes things. (I said one more thing, but have a couple of things actually).
The weapons, and even more in the beginning have a very huge back-fire. The grenade indicator is way too tiny. We said in Call of Duty it was tiny. Well this is even smaller. The level it self looks great in the beginning but loses it's beauty lateron in the game. The story should have been rock-solid. But I was not caught by the story at all. The ambushes in the game are inspired by Advanced Warfighter but the quality off them are terrible low !
Overall I played the game and even finished it. And it's kind off fun to play in between other games. But a teriffic game ? NO ! Far from it. You can go play the first Advanced Warfighter with a much bigger smile. And you can play Modern Warfare 1 for the story and get sucked in by it far more and quicker. This game isn't the game it should have been.

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | EA, DICE