Ayrton Senna: Beyond the Speed of Sound

The movie has just came out in Germany. And will be released on the 25th of May in France. And then on the 3rd of June in the UK. And later at the end of July (21st) in Australia. Luckely I have seen it last weekend. The movie can't be seen here in the Netherlands (unfortantly). But I have usefull resources. So about the movie: It is a long awaited one. If you have seen the official tribute dvd from 2004, and have seen the tributes and documentary's on the BBC and National Geographic. Then you MUST see this as well. I have that tribute of the great man on double DVD. But now, after that I have seen this movie you can even understand the person better and better.

It's not so much about his life in combination with his racing career. It is only about his career. And the ups and downs that came with that. The movie is about 2 and a half hours long. And you will get to know certain things you didn't know before. And besides that you will get a lot of footage from Ayrton and his (team) mates during his career. In total this movie is brilliant. Although it is more a bigger documentary about the person then it is a movie. You can still see it as one, because Ayrton himself talks you trough his whole career basicly.

So if you are a F1 fan, or even better a fan of the tragicly died Senna... Then you will have to see this !

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