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At IGN they give this game a passable. And I think they are right ! Ubisoft is normally making type A / A+ games (in my oppinion). And movie games suck most of the time (most of the time a fact). But what happens when these two cross each other paths ? I didn't nor going to watch the movie but I played the preview version of this game. To be honoust I was counting on a terrible game. But it looks actually quite good. The enemy is quite intelligent as well. They will not stick to there ground and move around you. The big battle in the this version was on the other hand quite easy. The big rhino was quite quick on the ground.
But remember this ain't a solid good game. It's passable, so how come it's passible. Well I found out that I didn't feel any connection with the game. A lack of story as they would say. Maybe you feel more connected to the game when you saw the movie. But I found it quite hard to connect with the game ! But the graphics are good and the difference in vehicles and armory/weapons are good. If you picked up enough xp from killing creatures you will get the next level in armor. And your weapons will get a boost. And that's really a good thing.
Last but not least, the game reminded me off Lost Planet. It has many similair thing in it. Like the machine who keeps the enemy on a distance. And the vital suits are also in this game. But then o'course without the need to look after your lifebar. Overall I enjoyed playing this game. And the game world is quite big. And when you have 3D glasses, you will even get sucked in for real in this game, enjoy !!!

Out now: Multi | Ubisoft, Ubisoft