Review | Auto Club Revolution

I've been playing this game since the 12th of August 2011. Is this game already that old dude ? Well it was still in closed beta when I joined the de-bug players/racers. Then it went towards Open Beta (somewhere last year). And now the game has finally got the GO word at the beginning of this month (May 2013). So is this long process worth it ? Yes, it is !

I was always looking forward for a game like Forza Motorsport, PGR and Juiced on the PC. O'course Juiced is available on the PC (the first 2 installments), but a bit more like the other games would be nice. Then this game came into my view-angle. Right now it's not a fully loaded game yet, you can't do a full customizing just yet. The spoiles are not there yet, but the rims are there. The technical side of the car is fully there and upgradeable in 3 levels, with parts that really deliver. And really make a difference during driving. The game hasn't many tracks yet. But the cars are crowing steady. Everything from an Opel and Volkswagen followed up by the faster cars like the Veyron and the MP4-12C from McLaren. The driving modes are well balanced, you get the time trial, single player against AI's, multiplayer races and multiplayer knock-outs. A lot of rooms, players and a clan-based system. You can stick with solo playing, but if you drive for a clan you get a lot of money and experience extra. And with that you can buy parts/paint/extra decals...

Like some other games that are free to play, you can buy stuff with Micro Transactions. But unlike any other 'free to play' game you really don't have to. Cause you can win races and such without the E-Bucks. Besides that there are challenges / leaderbords to complete. With every challenge / championship in leaderboards you will get credits, experience and sometimes even E-Bucks for free. Which can be used for cars who are on sale. Or for technical parts which are for the half of the price at some points.

So if you want a race game which is web-based, with only a small software-bit on your computer. Which has 24 tracks (including the different lay-out's from Hockenheim and not-existing tracks). About 50 different cars and with a huge fan-base. And you want a game that is for casual racers as much as for the hard-style sim drivers, then this is your game.

Out now: PC | Eutechnyx