Special | Auto Club Revolution

Since last summer (august) there is a new online racing game called: Auto Club Revolution. Since last thursday I have received my 'closed' beta key. It's time for a quick look so we can say if this is a game for everyone or just for race freaks. And if it's any good.

Personally I would have loved to see Forza Motorsport on the PC. The number of cars, upgrades, paint jobs, decals are huge. And the level of customisation is big. In many ways ACR is pretty much the same. Not that many cars (yet). But overall you can customise your road-legal-car in the way you want. Paint jobs, decals, upgrades. Right now there are 7 car classes, witch brings the ammount of cars on 28. Not much, but remember this game is still in closed beta. The game also knows 4 different race locations. With one of them a computer build track in the canal-system of LA, which knows 3 types of track lay-out: Sprint, circuit, point to point.

All the cars have a different handling. And on the base of that they have also different type of upgrades. I have now an Opel Astra (Nurnburg edit.) and an Mazda RX-8 RS. I can say that both vehicles need a different approach on track. Which make the game both simulation type but also realistic. Besides that for some people hard to learn. There is traction control, stability control and abs. But then still you need to be familliar with race games.

Last thing I will say for now about this game is the following: all the customisation is done in the web browser. Which makes it accesible like no other game. The level of customising is huge, as said. Only down side for now is that the game is only supported in Firefox and Chrome (the last one even full supported). The rest of the browsers are still worked on. So sometimes the game hangs in the browser or from internet towards the local client (where you actually race in). 1 Point I did not test yet is if it will be driveable with my steering wheel I have. It seems that not every steering wheel is supported yet. Most of them modern era. So I will test my Microsoft wheel soon...

There is already some footage from this game / walktrough, you can find it here and here.

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