Review | Assassins Creed 2
The last time the review of Assassins Creed 2 was posted, it was about the console version of the game. Since the beginning of April the game is also on PC. And I am playing since a couple of days now. If you liked the first one you will also like this one. However did you liked the first one because of it's go anywhere thing. Or did you like the story / setting ? Personally I liked the game because of both these things. But now that the 2nd installment is here I am not so sure what I liked about Assassins Creed. Maybe it's because I have seen it before. It's the game the first one should have been. Free running and climbing the tallest building is still fun. But the key factors are still the same... (This review can contain spoilers !)

The game has some new moves. You can throw someone down from a ledge. Kill someone who is standing to close a hidingspot you are hiding in. Conclusion: One end from the studio in Montreal looked a bit in the kitchen of the other end of the studio. And guess which game they were making there... Instead of the 1200 century it now takes place in the 1500 century. And instead of eastern country it is now located in italy. You have more options to hide from the soldiers that are chasing you. You have the hookers, thiefs, mercenaries, monks, haystacks, etc. You can pick pocket with ease. You can hide body's. Conclusion the tiny things are solved, worked around. But as soon as you get into fight the soldiers are still waiting for there turn to be killed. You must still move from Assassins Mansion towards town/city.

The game has also some good things though. Dual hidden blade, more side missions. The many options to lower your wanted level. The own mansion has shops where you can buy weapons, armor and other stuff. And if you renovate the mansion you will get a discount at these shops. Weird thing is these discounts are only at your mansion not at the town/city were you come. All the artifacts you can collect are also findable trough a map you can buy. Excluding feathers only. The town/city is still not fully used from the beginning. And thank god you don't have to wander around absturgo any longer. However it would have been nice if they gave you a tutorial of the new moves. Because what they do now, they throw you in a fight in the beginning of the game and after that you get a quick tour how you should fight again. Most of the games I hate the tutorial because it's obvious how to fight etc. But there are so many combo's to fullfill in Assassins Creed 2 it would be nice to know them before you should use them, instead of afterwards.

Overall the game has improved. It's not any longer you hop from mission to mission, you really get the change to scout the town/city you're in. The new addition of the hidden story is nice. Even the way you have to solve those puzzle's. I didn't came across the Prince of Persia look-a-like thombs tough. They seem to be cool. And if you have collected them all (the things that the thombs are hiding) then you get the outfit from Altaļr (sorry spoiler). You can disarm soldiers but not right from the start, which is dumb. You have to learn every move. But it would have been better if you got a tutorial once more. Instead of that you get one tiny how-to-fight again at the mansion. But this is after you got cleared of the first hit (spoiler again). So is this a game I am going to play because I want to or because it's Assassins Creed 2 ? Neither of these things honoustly. I don't know if I am going to play this game trough the end. But I can't lay my hands of it as well. Because of the free-running, the immersive drops from a tall building, the insane counter moves, etc...

Already on: PS3.X360, Out now: PC | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal