Review | Age of Empires Online

Halfway May of this year I already told you quite much about this online version of Age of Empires. That's because I had a beta key for it, so with that kind of access I could do that... Now it's time to tell you more about this game. Because it will go 'public' in 2 days !

The units are well balanced, the missions are diverse. However sometimes the pace of the enemy is a bit higher then your own. Which makes a mission restart quite often. So even I had to try different aproaches to a mission. Where you could still handle the complete campaign of part 3 with one single aproach, well don't try that in this online version. The upgrades and ages are also in this online version. And besides that you also have the versus modes etc. Too bad the beta only had one class so I will need to wait and see just like you how the other classes are. The rest I already told you in the special from mid-May. So look that up in the game section. There's also some footage of the game in that item. So you won't have to decide fully on this above standing trailer, if you want this game or not...

16 08 2011: PC | Microsoft, Robot Entertainment / Gas Powered Games