Special | Age of Empires Online

It's the first time in my gaming 'career' that I got into a beta testing phase. And with this particular game it's not something you will regret. Offcourse there is not much there yet. You only have one class: Greek, and you can see there will be 2 more, one of them: Egyptians. The player vs. player works already but is still quiet, causing a long time to wait if you want to play against other players in the world. So you will go to the single player piece. Which is not stupid or easy, don't get me wrong. Sure the first couple of missions are quite simple. But after, let's say, 20 missions it will get more complicated to beat the enemy. The looks are great, as you can see in the footage above it's a bit 'shell shaded' looking, which is good for speeding things up in an online game. So lag will be out of the question... The game itself will be released somewhere at the end of this year I presume. The beta is already quite long busy but there is still quite a list to fix / check for the developers.

None the less I had quite much fun till so far with the Greek legion. If you are familiar with the Age of Empires series you will fit right in. Otherwise it will be fun to learn the basics trough the first, say, 5 missions. After that it's battle time ! You still have your major city just like you had in part 3. Only this time it's a city just like the one's you are doing your quests. It has to be build and from there on you can upgrade units, buildings etc. The diversity of quests is well balanced. Everytime you abandon-and-restart the quest you will start somewhere else (if the map allows you to). And you will be quite quick on the right pace. Sometimes in timed events it gets rough. And also normal single player quests can be hard. (For this reason I stop for now with playing the beta). You also have the fact you must grow to certain age's. And there is the not-to-forget-for-online, XP bar. Besides this there is not much to tell. Because it hasn't been tested as well as I wanted to do. Mostly because of the player vs. player issue. And you can't play with the egyptians yet. So I guess the beta will continue a bit longer. However when this game will be released it will be big under the fans of the genre / series.

TBA: PC | Microsoft, Robot Entertainment / Gas Powered Games