Review | Alan Wake

This review will be quite short so hold on.

If you make a port towards the PC, do it right. If you first made this game for both platforms: PC and Xbox 360. And Microsoft / the developing studio says we cancel the plans for a moment. Then that isn't an excuse for screwing up the game for the PC. This could have been a nice simple survival 'horror' game for the PC owners. Which we don't have basicly (Resident Evil excluded). The camera angle is hideous. The graphics are outdated, which is a problem because you need to be able to see where you are going / what's what. Because of the camera issue controlling Alan is hard to do. Sometimes completely unable to do. Evading attacks from the zombies can't be done properly because of this as well. And besides that the surrounding / level design has not been adjusted, so the camera issue makes it even harder to see where you are going.

So no ! I couldn't continue reviewing this game. Which I really wanted to do. Thankfully for the XBLA owners on the 360 there is since the 22nd of February a new installment in the series called: Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Weird thing is I am propably the only one with this problem / opinion about the PC verison... 'Cause IGN gave the PC version a 9.0 (Amazing) and GameTrailers gave it only a 9.0 for the X360 version.

Already on: X360, Out now: PC | Nordic Games Publishing / Remedy, Microsoft / Remedy