Preview | Aaaaa!
The game Aaaaa! is a pretty unique game (to cut a long story short). Both in looks and gameplay it's quite rare in his genre. Even it's long name is quite unique: AaaaaAAaaaAAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (A Reckless Disregard for Gravity).
In short; you have as a mission to jump of a tall building and get as close as possible to the buildings and other obstacles. As said, the looks aren't good. In fact they are bad. It's like it would be a free flash arcade game. But it ain't, so now the graphics suck. Oh well for the money they had, they still did a great job. So in that case it's good. An other factor of the game is that you can spraypaint the buildings for even more points. Because that is the main goal off the game. Score as much points as possible, so you can unlock more levels and modes.
If you want to try out the game or buy it instantly (I would recommend you try the demo first). You can go to this website.

Out now: PC | Dejobaan Games, Dejobaan Games