So above you can see the different looks of the website throughout the years. Below you will find all the big and/or small changes we made to the concept and/or site, (forum,) blog. Feel free to look at it at all time. So you didn't miss any change to the FUN system at all. (At the end of every year all the news from that particular year will be summarised).

2017 started out great, but there were/are some private problems that make me care less for the website during 2017. So the last upload was from August. After that a long time nothing. Even the YouTube channel has been quite silent.

2016 was more or less like 2015. Only difference was the addition of the .CF domain name (instead of .GQ) And at the end of the year I finally did change the looks of the website once more. Hopefully this will stick for quite a while.

2015 was a year with a view up's and a view down's. A couple of times already I didn't made it, to update the site every week. So that will be a new goal for 2016. 2015 saw the 4th time at Le Mans. The Formula 1 reviews are 'exit'. Most of it because the sport can't interest me enough anymore to write and watch it. We did see the entrance of the spin-off from The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead. And till so far The Walking Dead gave us a nice 6th Season. So beneath you will find the year 2015 in History perspective...

2014 was overall a good year. We had some minor issues with keeping the updates flowing. But it is all sorted out now. So 2015 can be good. 3rd time Le Mans was a fact. A new season of Formula 1 was a fact, with better Reviews. And Reviews about The Walking Dead were good as well.

2013 had some issues: Google, web address and storage. But it also saw some new colors. And the 2nd time you got an inside look into Le Mans.

2012 was a year of changes. Big and small things from time to time. Regular updates (thankfully). The first full year of F1 coverage after a race. The first time I brought you an inside eye of Le Mans. And many more things. What follows now is a list of events during 2012. Welcome in 2013.

Not so much has happened this year. None the less here's a quick view from what went on in 2011 !

Quite a good and stable year for us @ Xs2FunNet, see below for the things that none the less happen

2009 Has gone by like the speed of sound. Below you will find a recap of what the site has been trough. Let's look forward now towards the 5th anniversary of the website. Indeed I said 5th !

We're at the end of a quite good year, here at Xs2FunNet.tk. To give you an overview about what we have managed to do to the site and what not. You will find an overview below. Sit back and read while you are enjoying your champagne or what ever it is you're drinking.

It's time to summarise the year again. This is already the 3rd year that we do so. So it's going well for us despite the ups and downs. Anyway keep coming back for the funnyness sake of everybody !

The year 2006 is came to an end and with it a list of history what is happend to our site.

The year 2005 is came to an end and with it a list of history what is happend to our site.