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To stay in contact is quite important. So we have 3 e-mail adresses you can use for different kind of problems, questions, etc. Before you send in a question, read the F.A.Q. section first (on this very same page). Some things are already explained there. However if it isn't explained or just have a different kind of question use this address QUESTION@*.

It can be that you have an oppinion about a certain item I've made. That is possible, if you want to share your oppinion on it. Or want to give your feedback in general on the site you are free use this address FEEDBACK@*. If you saw a hillarious video, or heared some great music, or want to point out a game / movie / tv-show... Or want to send in an item off your own (after check I could post it on the site, with your approvement). You can use this address SUBMIT@*.

Q and A
To answer most of the questions I get randomly / most, I put up this part of the site. See if your question is mentioned and if not use one of the addresses mentioned in the text above. I will update this list when needed.

Country's that Have Been Here...
Every week I am getting an update from Dot TK which country's have visited With this information I can adjust items. Or make them more diverse... Make sure all your friends know about this site. We need the viewers to keep online ! Below you can see the country's who have already visited / who regular visiting