14 05 '17 | My brain vs. The world
Do you have this as well from time to time ? That you think: wait a minute how does this even happen ? Or for another example: why do people suddenly want to change something, that has been this 'way' for years ?! If so welcome to the happy few... Once again I will point out some things which will propably make you wonder: how/why/when ?

I don't know if I have mentioned this before (I couldn't find the note who said I did). Girls, women suddenly find it annoing to be called sexy, hottie, etc. Why ? I mean sure if they are getting called hooker or something that is not nice (to say the least). But if someone finds you attractive, what should they say instead ? It's the world flipped over basicly. If you say to your girlfriend or wive you look nice it's not good enough. But if you say sexy things to her she gets offended ? If women really would be offended by this then I think there is only one solution for them. Make a big sign and hang it around your waist or something saying "don't say nice things to me, I have a short fuse". So that the women who don't find it offending can remain themselfes. To dive further into the subject... Gay/lesbians/odd behaviour in public is still a taboo I guess. While most of this worlds population is saying otherwise. Lately I was traveling aboard a metro in Amsterdam. On the way towards Amsterdam there was a female dancer doing her thing seated (while watching a clip on the phone). Everyone was looking akwardly towards her 'thing'. On the way back towards home there were two lesbians in the metro. Something I personally never noticed in public transport, but since then more and more. And please let them, gay or lesbian. Anyhow some people were looking at these two people more akwardly then towards the dancer from before. Why ? We still only want same-sex people to kiss/cuddle each other ? And that even for a place like Amsterdam were every religious/believe/culture/vibe comes together in one big city ?

Then now a thing about smoking. Recent study's have proven that the people on the other side of a cigarette are damaged the most. Because it's the bad-side from the filter of the cigarette. But this is more or less already common-logic. The thing that is wide-spreading is that most public places become more and more smoke-proof. The methods aside, since last month it's normal that you may not light your cigarettes anymore while waiting in line for a coaster in an amusement park. While somehow logic, I think this is going a bit to far. I think the way we should look is towards all these organisations against cancer and stuff. Because somewhere in these company's are also people smoking there sigarette. I am sure of it. So what is the company's policy against these employee's ? When they smoke they must leave there job ?

Meanwhile there is a Python which was kept as a pet in a meth-lab (drugs) in Australia. Nothing 'wrong' till so far. But the snake was crawling in crystal meth for weeks if not months. When the police found the lab/the snake they needed to send the snake towards rehab. Where the pyhton will remain for 6 weeks at least. So are there more animals with drug-addiction ? I am curious now...

04 03 '17 | Weird Thinking
A couple of weird things I came across lately. And I wanted to talk them through with all of you. Maybe you are guilty at one or more of them. If so, shame on you !
Instagram was hacked a while back. Here in The Netherlands a dutch model who gets payed through Instagram was saying that she is a normal girl without legs that are 2 meters long. Well sorry but I've never seen a girl with legs that ARE 2 meters long. Because you still have the top of the body which is somewhere around 0,5 meter. So then there would be girl/woman somewhere who is 2,5 meter long. That makes no sense.
So with every attack on an airport or city the local radio stations or tv station tell us as a listener or viewer that they have adjusted there program because of it. Why is that ? Do the dead listen to the radio and watch TV ? Sorry for being so blunt on this subject. But I don't get why the program should be changed because of the attack. Sure if there is an airplane crash you don't want to see the Airplane Crash Investigation on National Geographic. But there is also something like a different channel or turning the devices OFF ! So why adjust the playlist or change the programs of that particulair day or even week ?
So I noticed the following already a couple of times. People who are transporting them self by car or motorbike get pissed on people who don't use there indicator light by leaving a round-about or something. But don't use the indicator them selfs either. So why do these people get irritated on something they don't use as well ? Is this because they don't see others use it, so they think they can do the same ?
Just last weekend I saw a dating program (normally I don't watch them) where the woman on the show said the following intelligent sentance: He looked at me but he also looked at the other girls, so he is flirting with everyone ! Since when is looking at girls flirting ? I thought flirting was a bit more then just looking. I thought there was also some talking involved or touching even.
Also last weekend I saw a potato factory in the country with a new 'tag-line' potato's to cook. Since when do you throw potato's instead of cooking them ? Every potato is cooked at least once.
Then last but not least Disney is thinking about two changes: in one of there new movies there is finally a homosexual character. And Elsa from the movie Frozen is possibly Lesbian in Frozen 2. So that they are changing the characters sexual preferences, okay. But why only know ? Is it something they are getting in trouble for if they don't do it quick enough ? Why does everything needs to be a realistic image of the real-world ? Games, movies, music, tv shows, radio shows. Why does it all need to represent real-life things. Sometimes you just want to escape the real thing. And you (for me at least) don't want to indentify yourself with what you are listening or watching. Not at all. So why ?
So do I need to change this websites color to pink ? Should I act like a gay person on YouTube. So you can indentify yourself better with me/this website ? Does it changes with the way I act or do ? NO !

04 03 '14 | Russian Point of View
So the olympics in Russia came to an end. This week the paralympics are starting. 'They' already said that there are now paralympic athletes in Russia, just like there aren't any gay people there either. But with recent events in there neighbouring country: The Ukrain, they have finally did 'it'. The Krim is a place where Ukrainian forces and Russian forces are on one soil. Because it was a present to the Ukrain years ago. Most of the people who are living there are still speaking Russian, and didn't like the ex-president of the Ukrain that much... But now that the opposition has took over control in Kiev there is some chaos in the minds of the people on the Krim and in Russia. First Russia posted some soldiers along the border. After that they guarded 2 airports. And now even they block traffic from and to the ukrainian forces. Something that started out from the point of Russia: keep the crowd under control Ukrain or we will protect or people on the Krim. Has now reached the point where it says: we will do everything in our power to provoke you. But: we don't want to start a war (as said by Putin on television today). You are provoking the thing you want to prevent Russia. That is not the way to do it. Learn from the past, please...
Now the EU and America, and others are throwing a black-opp against the paralympics, which is something good. Why didn't you do the same (all of the country's) when the human rights were overruled in Russia ?! Now that it goes about provoking war and have signs of war you start to black-mail... A bit late in my oppinion, and maybe also in the oppinion of Putin. But now the country's are talking about other meassures for black-mailing the Russians. That doesn't harm Russia at all. One major advantage: oil and the bond with China that Russia has. Please Ukrain take the people in that want to be part of the new Ukrain goverment / leaders and kick out the Russians towards the Krim and give it back to Russia. Then you are done with the problem. But then please don't do anything with the Russians anymore... And if you want to put a sence of humour in it, do as following: drop a piece of radio-active material on the Krim when you give it back... Because Russia is somehow responsible for that as well (Chernobyl).
Hopefully the black-mailing of the paralympics is enough. And hopefully Putin will come to a point of view where he will discuss it normally with the Ukrain goverment. And not with the ex-president, who is taling about terrorist. Maybe he should have a word with Bush jr. he was also a man who dubbed everyone he didn't like to terrorist. Or maybe even read everything on H..... Whoops !

17 02 '14 | Getting Dutched by a Gun
The winter olympics are still going on but there is already a big thing going on. Last weekend we, The Netherlands, won 3 medals on the 1500m speed skating for women. We now have 16 medals in total for speed skating on this winter olympics edition. 16 ! That is indeed very much. But the reaction on that is wrong in my oppinion. The other country's now say let's skip the next distance because The Netherlands will win none the less. Well in that way we will win none the less, won't we ?! If you don't compete we will win none the less. It's like going to school once more... He is better in math then I am, I think I will quit learning math. If you think that way you will never learn it the right way. And it's the same now with speed skating. If you don't compete you can never win. The USA have come up with a word for it. (They don't take it that serious thankfully). Getting Dutched. In the news tonight they spoke about it. What needs to be done to keep us from winning. Well very simple, others should train more/harder/differently then us. That way you can book some results. And if they are showing the results on the next big event, then we can say: They are so good, what should we do, I think I will quit. Because they are winning everything... Don't give up when you are losing, let it be a motivation for going on. Pushing yourself even further. In every type of sport it is the same. Just work for it, and the results will come. But don't go for a new set of speed skating clothes. Because that won't work either, right USA ?!
Then the other thing that is quiete weird: Allowance of a gun in the USA. This was an item again overhere in the news. Why can't Obama come with a solution for this. Why is this still a problem. Why can't they come up with a law or rule, that will get a lower amount of guns in the USA ??? Well simple the gun-lobby is finding it the right for every american (national law based) to own a gun, and to defend him/her self. And they are right, it is a national law overthere. And everyone that is trying to say something about it, or to change it will loose his/her place in politics or elsewhere. Obama was in talkings with the gun-lobby and republicans but it bounced back. Let's get rid of the republicans. Then you can finally talk some sence. I don't know everything, and I don't want to know everything. And I am surely not the biggest nerd, that knows everything. And perhaps Obama has also his flaws, like every political leader. We in The Netherlands only have to look at our own political leaders. But it's way too easy to say Obama can't do it. Offcourse he can't republicans are voting against him in the white house. And they are with more overthere. In Colarado they managed to do it. But the major from that state payed the price for it. He has another job now. People (in the USA): If you want to change things you have to make up your minds. Do you want to change things, or do you only want to talk about changes, but don't apply them ?!?! It is the same with everything overthere it seems. The health care, the financial system, act on terror. Starting a war or not. Make up your mind damn it !

05 06 '11 | When the world...
Well the world had to end on the 21st of May but it didn't appearently. I know what happened they miss understood the whole thing. Because afterwards tornado's were coming to the US. All these beliefers, screw them. They say the world is ending then and then, be part of the community now that it is still possible (you have to pay fee for it). And afterwards nothing has happened. Follow-up theory for this is, god is mad at these people because they have earned money by telling lies ! But I guess that's the way they operate. I know what they will say at this moment I can hear them, they say: "How can you say this, you must be the devil on the earth ?!" The only thing left for me to say is, nope !
Weird thing is now with the tornado's, they have there world-end and now it is to devastating. Make up your mind people ! The world would end. Now that it is, they are not happy with it / or relieved, why ? They didn't say where it would end, now did they ? Well guess what, only at your side of the globe. To be more specific, only in your country. Don't get me wrong I feel for these people. I guess it's quiet a scary-moment when your home is taken away by some tornado-typhoon-thing. But it's a warning people don't mess with the expire-date of the earth ! You know these fruit cans and milk bottles with a expire-date on it ? Well the earth has one to. But no priest or other well doing person can guess what it is. Because only the devil know's, why ? The expire-date of the earth is taped on the inside of the earth, and not on the outside nor in a church.
The world did freeze for Obama as well. He was in Ireland on a visit. And then when they tried to left the palace in Ireland the US Cadillac from Obama couldn't get over the chrest at the end of the driveway. Oh yeah sure the car is fully protected against speed bumps ;) What a laugh that was. I saw that on the television and I thought, how can it be that a bilj. dollar thing on 4 wheels can be gun-, hazard-, laser- and earthquakeproof. But can not shake off the attack from a speed bump ? Later that weekend Obama was almost victim of another world-end-scenario. The 2nd biggest vulcano from Iceland. Yes they have another one ! May I give a hunge ? Iceland is creating the world-end for us. And they have made a guess when that 'thing' will do it's trick. Somewhere in October !

06 02 '11 | Rain, Fire and Egypt
First I want to kick off with Australia. They already had a couple of cyclones and storms of (thunder and) rain. And now they have forest's on fire. How many bad luck can you have. Thankfully the fire isn't as big as it was a couple of years ago. But still, is god a cynic ? First some water and then the fire instead of the otherway around ? Just like Egypt. All thoes people who demonstrated are now laying low. Why ? I don't know ! The same dude is still in the chair. Maybe TopGear can say something about Egypt for a change. Instead of 'insulting' Mexico. If you ask me it wasn't an insult. It was out spoken thoughts off everybody's mind. Just saw the latest TopGear in Albania. I guess they wanted to go towards Egypt. It can't be any other way.

19 12 '10 | Let it Snow Again...
People will never learn it seems. Every year people like me can write columns about them ! People that can't live with the fact that you can't control the weather. They should go to Russia if they want to control it. Overthere you have a weather machine they say. Pull it all out of your sleeves mister Poetin ! Overhere in the EU people seem to get itchy by the snow, but it has to be a nice thing. Surely when the roads are frozen and you can slide trough your town it's bad. But so is a sun that is going down when your driving on the highway. Even the Germans went nuts this winter. We demanding an aircraft that will take us on holiday. Uhm, hello Germans it's winter ! You can go on holiday but not when it snows 30cm's in one afternoon. That is something the airfield can't handle ! When do people finally understand it ? Even the police in Germany had to keep them calm. It's insane...
Oh well overhere it was also quite worse. It was on the news in the morning. Be prepared there will be snow. And the trafficjam will start early. Did they listen ? No 'course not ! Result people sitting in the traffic jam for over 4 hours straight. Result why didn't we get a weather-alarm ? An alarm for the weather. Sure, it sounds quite normal but is it ? Next time they did sound a weather-alarm thoes same people said. There was nothing to worry about. Typical dutch people ! But I guess this is in every country you came...
You can't forecast what snow will do, and when. Get it in your head. Just watch the forecast before you go on a trip and don't get mad on the transport company's 'cause they are facing the same problem as all the traffic on the road: a lot of snow !

18 04 '10 | Vulcano Air
You must have noticed it one way or the other. Angry people in your village that actually wanted to go on holiday. People @ work who needed to be on business trips, but they weren't. And most of trough the news you became overflowed by people and news about the ash-cloud. That is spit by a vulcano on Iceland (that goes by the name: Eyjafjallajökull). This is causing some mayor airport shutdowns troughout whole western Europe.
But enough about making you aware about it (if you not already did know about it). The weirdest thing remains the people that are travelling. Altough not anymore @ this moment (4th day already). Overhere in the Netherlands people are having respect for the decission not to fly. When it is normally that they are angry and with disbelieve. This time around they are okay with it, it seems. None the less in other country's they hate it.
I just heared on the news that the ash trail is going more and more via Finland and Sweden. And far less via Germany etc. And the dutch air company KLM has given an open statement on the decission from EuroControl. They say we can fly, maybe not on full capacity but we can. And we know we can ! Because they fly in south America and Asia and know the enviorment well they say. Question remains; when does the flying continue ??? At this moment nothing is for sure... So if you are on a airport that has closed it's airspace and you are viewing this site. Then you now know the situation and besides that you have come to a site which brings you funny moments. (Sorry couldn't keep it for myself).

28 03 '10 | The Clock that Tick's
Around 70 countries are have to make a change twice a year on the clock. The rest of the world doesn't do it anymore, or never did it. Putting the clock from forwards or backwards for DST (Daylight Saving Time). You have angry thoungs who say that it is bad for us. Others say it's only positive to do so. Because you will live longer in the light. Personally I like the fact that it's getting more and more lighter these days. What I don't like however is switching twice a year from summer to winter (or the other way around).
A couple of years ago I was fine with it. But since every device in the house comes with a build-in clock, I hate DST ! Not even every devices uses the clock for we know. Why has my Microsoft Zune has a clock ? Why does my TV has a clock ? Why does my car has a clock ? Watch, Radio, Telephone is enough thank you. And offcourse the big clock with the birdie popping out every hour may stay as well. Thankfully the pc's are switching automaticly towards the right time. And are always in sync. If you didn't put it to manual !!!
And then my mother says. I don't have any problems with it. No offcourse not you have 2 guys @ home who can do it for you. I am losing twice a year a couple of minutes of the new DST period for changing every clock in the household. They should just stop the time for a moment so you can do your DST changes in and around the house and start then with the new time. But I guess thats impossible to manage for every country that does it... Oh well thank god we are free of it till the end of October...

07 03 '10 | A Flipped World !
Sometimes I don't get the modern technology. And that is weird because I am co-building that modern technology... Facebook has 30 members less since last month because they were used to make people scared by people who are in jail. They were getting online trough there cellphone. And were making sure that there victims stayed afraid of them by posting and messaging them. The prison has taking some measurements, and so did Facebook HQ ! It remains weird. Prisons are more and more like hotels. Even saw a while ago that they are using an old Hotel-like prison now as a real hotel. But with the looks of a prison from years ago. How sick is that. The world has been flipped around I say...
Talking about a flipped world. Since when do girls of 22 like men of 63 ? In the UK it seems fine if I read todays news website. I won't go into detail. Because then I have to put a 18+ sticker on this column. But if your grandma of 73 is happy with a men of 'her age', 63. And you are a 22 year old girl... You should stay away from that men ! That is just not the way it is supposed to be. In this case the girl is even more sick then the men. 'Cause she said he is better of with me then with my grandma. Serious is there a screw loose ? It's more like: she needs him because she is to stubborn to learn a good job and is to tired to work for anything at all. And he already got his money for a whole live time. So it's just for the money. But that doesn't suprise me at all. I started with reading the title and I thought WTF ! And okay that's for the money. And indeed it is !

07 03 '10 | Too Much Disaster ?
Did you ever wonder the following thing ?! We had a big collect-money show for Haïti. But what about the flood disaster from Portugal or the quake from Chile ? Where is the money-show for them ? Is it because the people are not so poor overthere ? Is it because there hasn't been many people killed ? Is there perhaps a maximum for the amount of disasters we may have in one year. I say let's get our money back that we have send towards the people of Haïti and split the pot. One half of it towards Portugal to restore the flood gates. And towards Chili to rebuild some of the buildings.

03 01 '10 | Let it Snow... a Crisis
Some people don't seem to get it, when the weather is hidious / dangerous. You will still find some people who find it very strange that they can't go to work / school etc. Personally I'm a smart fellow so I know that it can take a bit longer before I am on my destination. Over here in the Netherlands the goverment was even mad on the railroad organisation. And the maintainer of the railroad network was mad as well. How can you not let the trains ride by 1single snow piece. Well first of all every country in Europe had these problems with railroads, busses and cars. Secondly it was not just 1 snow piece. It was much more then that. It was cold -10 over here and the snow came in massive layers, up to 20cm ! Next thing you know, we are holding a poll if we find the railroad organisation stupid. More then 50% of the people said, yes they are... For real: sometimes I don't want to be count in with this kind.
Then the other thing 31st of December. A celebration day for everyone. And yet there is this thing that we had an economic crisis in 2009. So will they fire up as much firework as before. A normal person would say no, and so would I. But fact is I never saw a better firework show in my neighbourhood. I wish for a crisis every year now. Damn, everywhere show arrows of firework. (Don't know the correct term for this). So not the normal astronauts and that kind of stuff. But the heavy and expensive stuff.
Oh well it was a nice christmas and a good last day of the year event. Too bad we don't have the big firework shows as in Moscow or Australia. I'm jealous at thoes places. The state does there all the firework stuff. And the cold is also over in most of the parts. Altough it starts again for us tomorrow. Oh well: Happy New Year !

22 11 '09 | H1N1 Song
First I want to talk about our national pride. And then I am talking about our national pride from the junior song festival. This is our first victory in seven years. The thing is that the adults can't manage a win, but the children can ! I guess it's because they need to write their own song all by themselves. And beside that they aren't already big artists. So they are totally new on being an artist.
Now let's go to the business off the day. Some people really were ill because of the H1N1 virus. But over here and numbers are still quite low. Thankfully I don't have it and most of my friends don't have it ! And I hope for every reader of this column that they won't get infected... Thing is overhere the virus is being a bit over-rated. On the other hand they don't treat everyone in one big 'needle' ! And that is something I find quite weird. Because they are putting the needle in old people and in children till 5 years old. But the rest (where we had the most victims in, youth) remain without the cure. So I still wonder (I really do) if we all can survive this !

11 10 '09 | Pink Ribbon
Who heared the article about the fact that the female part of this world do hate the pink ribbon party's ? I don't know the ammount who said it but fact is. How stupid can you be to say some sort of things ? All thoes party's and all thoes famous people are on a party and spent all the money they can so that females can get a cure for the breast cancer thing. I sure hope that the females who do say this are not having it. Because if you do have it and you say this, we should stop your 'getting better' cure. I mean common they are getting attention for the desease. And all that this group can do is being hard on the organisation. Stop being so dramatic about this.
I mean the things I hate are the people for the heart deseases and stuff like that. They are coming at your door around the time you are ready for dinner. That is annoing, not some party for what you are not invited. Maybe it is because they are not invited to such party's that they are negative about the whole pink ribbon month. A straight but easy guess, I admit. The other thing is this: Kanye West. How can you be so stupid to ruine a perfect moment for Taylor Swift ? I mean seriously... I don't love Taylor but I like some of the songs. And you are just an asshole Kanye for grabbing away that award from her. And say that 'put a ring on' Beyonce is the best off all. Fuck off men, she ain't. Great thing was, Beyonce was herself quite shocked by it. And gave Taylor her moment back when she was on stage. So great respect for her ! Kanye should just go to the female part of the world which are saying they hate pink ribbon. And do his thing overthere. Kanye go and grab some girls up front and say that Beyonce has better things.
Sorry for the hard words in this last bit. But I am fed up by girls acting like that. If someone is giving your desease the attention it needs and you just throw that away I can say: burn you selfish girl. That you don't deserve to be here.

12 09 '09 | Case: MJ, almost [CLOSED]
If you want to lay in a grave that surrounds MJ you will need to pay 3000$ more then before MJ was laying on that graveyard. It's the money the state / family is earning from the dead MJ. Maybe I put it a bit cruel, but it's just the way it is. Okay, I admit the concert organisers have to get the cost back. And so they will release a dvd soon and I bet that there is coming an extra CD out as well. Weird thing still is: the men died in June and has been put @ the graveyard just last week. But the real specific statement about his dead, is still not there. Which is quite weird...
It's certain that 'the doctor' did it. But in how far is he really responsible ? Don't get me wrong I say that doctor should be punished. But I always want to know the whole damn thing about the cause. Why and how did MJ die ? Some say let it rest. But I guess many americans want to know just as well. Because for most of the americans it's a legend. And so you want to know...
Weird thing about the whole grave seremony was that there weren't that much fans anymore on the scene. Did they already said goodbye ? Are they tired of the many news facts / rumours they are hearing on TV ? I don't know but fellow-non interested-americans were saying: they had enough by now ! How can you say such a thing ? Is there really that much hate in you ? That you can say such a thing ? If MJ commited a crime okay, fair enough but that has never been proofed. He was only accused of it but more then that, 'unfortantly' not. Don't get me wrong here, but then does last group of people would be right in there statement. Now they are just a bunch of losers ;)
Towards Michael Jackson himself: "I was not a real fan of your music. But sometimes it was good to listen to the records, because it let man-kind think about certain subjects. And I am not that histerical that I wanted to be at your funiral. And I even hated the whole media-hype. But the fact that you are gone is quite weird."

29 08 '09 | Kidnapped on a Boat
Jaycee Lee Dugard, kidnapped in 1991 has finally returned home. Back then she was 11 now she is a women of 29 and has 2 kids (11 and 15 years old). I really didn't believe the statement that the parents made: I hope that she has been in good care. Oh yes dad, absolutely. I was more then twice raped, for the two kids I brought to the world. And I was kidnapped by a men who lives a couple of hours away from my elders home... I was fine ! Quite weird the 2 kids are girls just as well. I say, that's freaky. I mean what kind off life is that ? Can you call it life ? They came to earth and knew quite quick (I hope) that her mother was not really in the mood to have the kids... (Just to put it in an easy way). I mean the first kiddo came at age off: 14 and the other one on age of 18. Maybe with the last one it was planned but I think not !
Then the other weird story that most of you won't have heared about: a national kidd: 13 year old Laura Dekker. Just let us skip the media hype for a moment... That girl was born on a boat. And has also had some miles with the boat already. The kidd protection organisations are way to cautious with this. But when a kidd is more then once raped, then they say they couldn't have known about it. While neighbours are tipping them off. They are too much getting there hands into this. What is following now is a test period. To see if she is really capable of doing this. Come on people that girl can do this ! Because if she is making it before her 16th then she has a record. And Holland will be famous. But ey, we must first make a fight out of it, it seems. LET HER GO !

31 05 '09 | I Don't Need Your Help !
You may have wondered why it took so long for me to write down a new column. Well the reason is quite easy, I had no inspiration for it. But this has changed ! (Since last weekend actually, so I am bit to late). This time I will make the life of the super nanny's and assistants in weight loss programs horrible... Let's start with the nanny's. Okay some couples need them but not like I see them on the television. Who came up with the idear you wanted to rent a super nanny, explain the problems you have with your child to her and everyone that is watching the show ? Well appearently the maker of the show knew that thoes people existed so he/she made a program about it. I mean common if you have difficulty's with raising your own child you need to look at your self. That child is perfectly okay, you are the problem. Yes you mom and dad. You can't raise a son / daughter ! And that super nanny can't help as well. Sometimes a program is pushing a super nanny forward, that I think... That girl has no boyfriend nor man at all. Let's rule out children. And now she is coming towards a family that they are doing it wrong. HELLO, KNOCK KNOCK !! Who does this piece of shit think she is. They shouldn't ask for advice in raising they should ask for taking away the child. And put it in a home with some mom and dad veterans...
Besides the super nanny you also have the clean up granny's and the relationship merlin's. But the worst thing I saw last time was the women who did some weight loss program. Sure this kind of programs already existed. But this one was new and even more silly then the first generation weight losers... Who is going to listen to some women who wasn't even fat of her own ? They say this woman was but if she was why can't she give some feedback at first: "Yes I understand why you eat this much". Followed up by commentating on the people's eating life ? "You are a morron to believe that your problems are going away with eating much". Instead of that this women only says: "This is disgusting". Yeah duh, tell us something new silly girl ! We know that and they know that. It is time you do something about it. And not sit there on some kind of sofa and give weird comment about people habbits. They are getting that kind of comments already enough by relatives who hate them and such...
I say kill all thoes helpers and do-good'rs. You are unwanted, most of the time as dumm as you look ! And the people who are co-operating with the show are having a problem with them selfes and not with the food / children or what so-ever ! I HAVE SPOKEN !

14 02 '09 | Valentine
Valentines day, the day I hate ! And that is not because of the day itself. But more because of all the people ! Why do people make it so damn important ? You can't love / conves your love on an other day then valentines day ? If I see someone I like I am telling her it on that day. And I don't wait for the 14th of February... But it can also be mine way of thinking I guess. More and more people that I know find this day really important. And I just can't see it, oh well on to something else you appearently can't wait with
Some of the english readers may know it already. But it's time to put it worldwide, as far as this isn't done already... In England there is a 13 year old boy that is in love with a 15 year old girl. Till so far not a big deal you would say, correct. But here it becomes creepy, the girl has become the mother of a child that is from this 13 year old boy... I wonder which movie they saw together ?! Maybe JUNO was the inspiring movie ! This whole thing is odd. But what I found hard to understand is that the media are asking diff. questions to the couple. That 13 year old doesn't know the value of money, but they just ask it: "How are you going to mention it financial ?" What do you mean financial ? That kid is still being financed by his own parents...
Anyhow valentines day is a weird day and it's proved his weirdness this year again. Last point of interest: Russians are getting together around the fire place this time of year. The only thing they don't look out after is the fire conditions. Many places already burned down because of the houses are of wood and the fire has become to high. The reporter was the dumbest of the people though: "the house was not strong enough to resist the fire". Hello ! Offcourse not ! The house is made out of wooden materials, the fire is hot and steamy... Just like my love for that special someone, LOVE YA !

Long Live America
You must have seen it two weeks ago... A plane landing on the water near New York in America. Everyone was fine, and nobody was harmed. What some people missed was that the pilot was afterwards questioned about his actions. I thought, oh no... here we go again. It must have been a terrorist ! When are people stop thinking the worse about this kind of actions ?! One survivor said I thank that person for saving me, it was a miracle. First of all he did save some more lives (because you weren't the only one on that plane). Second: you are getting immediatly some nons who say that it was god who saved you. Damn people, wake up... If someone was a hero at the end / beginning of 2008 / 2009 it was that pilot and his crew that was onboard of that aircraft.
Who saw the party for Obama last week ? I didn't saw it live, eitherway I find it somewhat nailpicking that they say the music wasn't live, and more of that sort of crap. Let the party be the party. Although I also think why don't you play live music on a party like this ?! So what if a snare brakes it's human to make errors / mistakes, let it be ! It's not that kind of perfect president who doesn't do something wrong or so... Everyone does and so is he. It's not an alien it's just a human, act as one if you greet him. Act as one if you mail him.
He now has that weird kind of super secure BlackBerry. Well not so secure anymore because they let it show on television and it's on the market for sale. So how secure can it be ? It's the same as if you let your friendly robber now where the key to your aparment is. Yup, Long live America.

Moslim Baloon
I was stunned by a news report at the beginning of this week. Moslims want to forbid mice ! Yes you read it correctly mice, including Jerry, from the Tom & Jerry show. I can see why they want that. And it isn't for the reason they say: they are from the devil. Who hates mice ? Exactly girls ! They want to be best friends with our girls. Well hell no that is going to happen. I say forbid baloon hi-jackers. Yes indeed a baloon... It was in my own town even so I was pretty close to the news this time. Someone thought let's steal a baloon, I don't know if they've got it with basket. I hope they did. Otherwise flying with it would be really tough. And it is already tough for them. Because every know that baloon. So when they will get airbourn they will be discovered.
Quite weird if you are going to the police with the line: "I want to report a stolen object". And they go: "What for object". Eventually the police will make a big HAHAHA at you. "You want to report what sir ? A stolen baloon ? How crazy do you think we are ?" Anyway it's sad, for sure but who leaves his/her baloon in the open so you can steel it ? Nobody saw a damn thing o'course.
A thing that is a couple of feet high and nobody see's it. But then again it was packed so then it will convert to a couple of meters, but still... Maybe the hi-jackers will go to Aruba / Bonaire, cause they want to see how Peter R. de Vries is digging up Nathalee Holloway. Indeed they still want to digg up a person that is already turned into ashes. Or eatin' by a shark ! I still don't get it why they think the case will be solved. Peter has got an EMMY for it. And that's always the case, lift your succes on a missed/dead one. RIP Nathalee !

Whirl Cat
Did you hear about the cows that are burping that much that our earth is going to hell ? They researched it here, and they say that cows are burping to much, and that is co2. And because of that the ozon layer is going piece by piece down. How many 'goodnight stories' are put in that research I wonder. I mean common did you ever heared a cow burping ? Not me ! I would say that a cat is then more enviroment unfriendly then a cow. The cat's piss and poo are making the plants in our garden last shorter. So why not the ozon layer ? Blame it on the cats ! Do you know the smell from a cat cage that hasn't been cleaned in 3 days ? I tell you it's discusting !
Anyway Tornado's, america has many of them. I even think from time to time that they have a service for it. Every now and then a tornado and for that offer they may have as many fast food stalls they can handle. Anyway Gustav is now the thread they come with. The most disturbing thing about tornado's is that Orleans (a state in America) was already hit previous year, and that it isn't rebuild yet. So it will have an other one with even more damage to rebuild. You know ghost towns ? I think Orleans is going to be such a place. The stupid thing about the reporters is that they say that it's already a ghost town. "We don't see any people in/on the streets". Well hell a tornado is coming, it's logicall that people are insight / evacuated. Oh well the upcoming presidents have cancelled there election so everything will be okay.

Pigeon Ghost
Yes indeed so I'm doing none column's and at an other moment I do thousands of them. And this time I really needed to do a column about what I saw this morning on the news (25 june). There is this prison in Brazil that came to the strange discovery of some drugsdealing piggeons ! Yes indeed I say piggeon's. Family / well known friends of the prisoners have did some things with the bird's. They have attached a satchel so they can carry mobile phones, drugs and more. The security was really shocked by this fact, and didn't thought prisoners were that clever (nor) using this old method ! But overall people become dumb lately. There is this program from the UK that is called: Ghost Whisperer, and then I don't mean that 'lovely' serie ! No I mean that kind of stupid paranormal program on the TV. In this program some idiot is trying to confince us people that there are ghost in this universe. Well everything okay with that, everyone is right to believe there own sh** but I say they are completely nuts some time... This weekend they will have a case that a little boy is affraid of the dark. Well first of all there are kids that have this kind of weird feeling that everything in the dark is mean an awfull. But you see a mom that is also trying to comfort her boy in the dark. Well hello, I don't have to be an idiot for this, I can think ! What would you do if your mommy would touch and comfort you in the night. it's a weird feeling, you have some hands all over you but you can't see sh** were they come from. I even would be affraid then, in the middle of the night ! And then they say there is a ghost and there is this caravan on the opposite side of the street. And that is then the reason why. Well sorry mister Derek Ogilvie but I say turn on a small light or let his mommy get her hands of her boy. That can maybe be the problem of this child... Your welcome momma, I'm paragnost ;) :P

MSN Earned an Award
All of you may recon this issue, were you think how can they be serious at this point. Some days ago they gave away the overall best musical award here in the Netherlands. And were did the honour go to ? To people that are already death, "but they should remain rememberd". I thought: "quite easy to give them the price now, isn't it ?". But people are doing this kind of things there whole life time already. Giving prices to death people is a hobby I guess. Is that person death ? Yes, well then we can give them a price. I think they do this kind of stuff out fear... Don't let them speech, please don't ! The other thing is. The commercials of MSN, you must have seen them already on the internet. They are lame and stupid at the same time. For example you see a commercial about a guy that is having a date with (appearently) a girl. And then the commercial voice says: "but then lateron she will ask you about the stuff in the plants you gave her". And more of that kind of excuses. And in the end the voice tells you, that this wouldn't happen without checking MSN ! How stupid are you then, there is also something like news okay !? NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK DUMB, yeah and nobody wants to be an internet f**ker...

Fire on the Pope / I mean plane !
Something national this time with an American side effect. There was this football match yesterday, normally no problem but now... All hell broke loose. Toilet Paper is something new to football. It is for the players that they can poo on the field (and get some wiping paper from the fans/hooligans). But last weekend they shouldn't do that last thing... wipe there 'behind', with the toilet paper. Because it was on fire ! Just the ordinary thing went on, fans started to throwing Toilet Paper. But some of the fans/hooligans started to light up the place, and with that the field and seats as well. And then the news reporter says: "they had some breathing problems". Yeah well that's normal isn't it ? If you light up the place and the sealing is closed and the smoke can't go anywere else, you are doomed to that aren't ya ? But then this... And this is even more something stupid to do. Have you seen the pope ? What an a**hole, sorry for the believers but let me be straight here for a minute. You have all thoes story's in America that kids have been abused by church people. How sick is that, and then there comes this pope to say they regret thoes acts. Well that isn't enough mr. pope ! And then this I hate it when they do everything within katholik therms. Yes pray and yes do this and all will be fine. God will forgive you. (Now come on who does believe this kind of crap ?). Sure maybe I will lose my american viewers now but I don't care. One miss was held in an baseball stadium. I mean american's have also toilet paper, no ? Throw it, not because the believers but because of how they believe it and that stupid pope with his sick excuses. This people of the victims want money for all the therapies there child had to go through. And what that priester or what so ever behind bars for his act. I say: Amen to that ;) And then this there was this checking of some airplanes in America, and because Heathrow was still clearly on my mind, I thought what will these people say. But it was quite a normal reaction for a change. "Yes I come to late but better to late then smashed to the ground". I thought 'yippi' they have still some sense there. Thing is I can't really believe them because they still have Bush !

Youtube for America
First things first, you may all have read it or heared it somewhere lately. The people of copyrights and stuff, have now something to acuse us bloggers from. Because the embedding of video's from YouTube on a blog (of any kind), is someway forbidden ! And they come with that kind of news now ?! I hardly believe it. Because every blogger does it now and then. Google Video, Guba, YouTube, Daily Motion and more all are used in someway to clear up there view of/or interests. Why is that then forbidden ? Maybe Hillary would like to watch some things back. Maybe her Alzheimer would be gone then. "I walked with bulletproof stuff on and such...". Yeah right, Hillary flowers can't stop bullets ! But maybe she has that negative side effect from Bill. Do you remember these historical words ?: "I did not have sexual... with that woman". Hilarious, but what will be sentence from Hill.? "I didn't know what was happening at that time, I got stunned by flowers" ;) ?

'Black' Cars with Fuel
Something different this time in C0LUMN: an old thing sturred with new. I just read last week that in germany there was a gas station, that wanted to change his price with + € 0,03. But instead it became + it became the price it self. Yes you read it correctly ! Because of a mechanical failure the price it self went to € 0,03. And that smells really good I think. And so did the germans. The gas station was the most beloved place to be that day ! After a couple of filling-ups from visitors (some of them not even on the road but close by, in bed). The police came and send the people away (maybe to fill there cars up, you never know), and closed down the gas station untill it was back at the normal price. With the € 0,03 above the normal price. The damage of the non-in-cash-money was estimated on € 100.000,-. So the next time you see a gas station in your area with some low prices don't think it's a display error... it's REAL ! With that done we go slidely back to an old King of Pop. I don't know who would be the King of Pop now. But for this is for sure: Michael is loved by both sides of the people on this earth. And without offending the man: he started his solo career as 'black' and ends up as 'white'. And make songs like Black or White and so on, and so forth. But besides that he is respected by these people and these people go nuts on his music, that he makes. And not only female's but also guy's. And that's kind of strange but also good. It's music for everyone of color, age, and way of living. And because of that he is the King of Pop till a better or same quality person is coming up ! Back to the cars with fuel then... Lately I've seen the 'new' Hummer H6. And damn oh damn it's big. The regular hummer (as far as a regular comes in hummer terms) is already big but this is big as in huge big ! Maybe you've already seen it if not go to Google and enter as search: big hummer h6. Then you will find the site of CultureGarage (the 8th hit on the search), and there you can find images and info about it. And that brings me back on the start of this time C0LUMN. No matter how big car is nor, who is driving it, it needs fuel ! And by preference fuel that cost € 0,03 (that is $ 0,04).

ACME Plant
Why I called it like this ? Well you will know in a couple of seconds or if you are a slow-reader a couple of minutes ! With this, the base of today's C0LUMN is there. Maybe you have also heared it on your spot of this planet but here in the Netherlands we sure did. And now you can say that we have a advantage. But we don't, because what we heared over here was quite terrible. It seems that plants have now there own party to go to. Yes I see the expressions on your faces... plants you say ! Yes plants, I don't know how they came up with this but yes there is now something like a plant disco party. Were you and your green fellow can come to and have a dance. I don't know if there's a clothing rule by this kind of party's. But I sure would like to have a look at thoes a**holes. I mean common' how stupid can the world become. But it gets better. If you have forgot your plant at home or it won't come with you (understandable). Then you can also lease one or two or three. Just how much you like and how much you can pay ! Anyway to compare crazy with crazy. I came to the discovery that they are broadcasting the ANIMANICAS again on National TV. And damn, do I still like them or what. I can still laugh about there jokes. And during the time that I was thinking about the plants I was also thinking about: Dot, Wacko and Yakko. And thought what would they do with thoes plants. Question them ? Murder them ? Put them away in the Water tower, so they would still be alive but prisioners !? I don't know but it sure is a crazy id.

Santa's Way
I thought long of what I was going to write down here so please be easy on me okay ? Anyway It's that time of the year that you will hear every christmas song passing by on your radio or tv, again and again until you turn sick ! And besides that it's also that time of the year that people light up there own house and maybe even the backyard. I hope they won't light it up literally, cause that would give a mess and also wouldn't leave something for old year's eve'. And indeed don't forget the old/new years eve' ! The time of the year, or to say it otherwise, of both years were people are firing up there money into the air. I don't get it why people do that. And no I did it also once or even twice by myself, but I can't see the fun of it. Ok it's beautifull sometimes, but most of the time it's only a lot of noise. Anyway to remain positiv all the way, it's also the time off the year were you can eat your belly full. And get some presents along the way. But after all of the fun and nice things you WILL do / be doing, it's time to go on a diet. You know what I'm talking about right, sure you do, you all know the drill. You have 2 weeks of Christmas Holiday and eat and steel (I mean lighting up the air) all the way. But after that all of your buddy's / friends are saying to you, "are you pregnant ?". But they forget to look at there own. Cause they are on there own also pregnant of a triplet ! Anyway after two weeks of celebrating you are forced to go on a diet for about 4 weeks to get back on your normal weight. That leaves me to the end of this C0LUMN: Was this what Santa had in mind listening to some strange music you only want to hear once. "And it won't be snowing in Africa this Christmas time", who thought of that line ? Did he also eat 2 weeks and after that he needed to go on a diet. No Santa doesn't, okay he eats but he is not going on a diet of 4 weeks to eat normal after that again. No after 2 weeks of eating his 4 belly's full :D he doesn't have to eat at all a complete year ! The presents are from him though, or are they from some god's kid ? You tell me, I only believe the first part of that sentance... And we always ask Santa peace and forgiveness for all things that were doing wrong. Except that we did wrong ourselfs o'course. Well maybe he wants to forgive us one (or rather say he wants to forget it himself also) thing in particular: the disappearing of Nathalie HolloWAY. Yes it's also the time of the year where you look back at the year you are leaving behind ! Damn I hated the whole thing (the case I mean). Every guy that was looking like a stalker got busted and at the end of this year we still can say that the parents had an obsession to finding there daughter that was clearly on drugs. Sorry for my bad words here about this but I'm getting sick of it. I don't wish it to anybody to lose there son or daughter but this case is falling apart sadly. And then this... one of the guys in my HOLLOland (holey) was also arrested and they say that he has two versions of his story and all. Well if he really has then the cops are sleeping and not paying attention do they ?!?! Anyway I wish you all the best of luck, yes even you Nathalie ;) And at the end of this week don't forget to light up the air will you. :P

MTV'S EMA Arrested
Who saw the EMA's ? I don't know about you but I didn't see a lot of it, and when I saw the summary I was glad I didn't also. In particular when there was this artist's choice award. This time it went to the nothing saying Amy Winehouse ! Okay she can be a good singer maybe, I don't know I don't like the music... Anyway she came on the podium looked at the award did some attempts to talk (like a baby) and then went offstage without saying sh**. I mean common she may be good at singing but how if she can't say anything ? A real riddle that is. But maybe that was all because of her hush rights from prison ? Let me explain, I was watching TV lately and I don't remember where the trial was about but anyway some of them were getting 40.000 years of prison. I mean common do thoes people really believe there is a second time ? Or in this case let's say you will live every time like 90 years you need to come back like: 445 times. And immediatly go to prison when you come back. I mean how is that possible. Then you won't even know how to eat proparly. And you probable be some kind of sewer rat when you do know how to... Anyway I thought about this prison thing when I was looking at Amy Winehouse. And thought she broke lose ! Out of prison, but to late because she don't know how to talk after coming back 207 times !

Fly on a Crazy Way
Everybody saw it no doubt about it. Although for the people who didn't saw it: There is a sea eagle in a Scots place that comes in everyday at a supermarket to rob some Doritos ! Some Tourist even pay this bird foot. (I thought yeah o'course they do, otherwise he let something lose). And then today I heared something on the news of a WWII plane that was landing on a highway somewhere in the States. The pilot was on his way towards a airshow with old aircrafts but the man didn't make it obviously. My question on all of this is eitherway how much crazy'r and it become. Do we people later have dogs and cats that carry for us the things we need ? Or even better / worse: are this the new criminals of the year 2007 / 2008 ? I don't know but actually I do not care either. As long as they keep me laughing I found it just fine...

Goal with Todler
I just saw something quite stupid. A Child that was like 3 years old coached by some one from Manchester and he was quite good in shooting the ball with his left foot. I mean how much more down under can it get. Manchester is good don't get me wrong but the coach was actually pretty insane also. "Yeah he can take up with even kids from 8 years young". I thought like what, maybe the kid is good but not that good, right ? It's like our minister president: J.P. Balkenende, he was speaking to Blair about some agreement that they should work together or such. Irritating to the bone it was to see that. How does he come up with it. Oh maybe if I go to Blair the dutch people will be more prepared to raise there hands during the agreement so I can put my nasty plans trough. The idiot ! And now we even have an other baby here in the Netherlands, a royal one. Maxima has poop some child out named Adrian. They wanted to have a triple AAA. And with this sentence that Alexander spokes out during the publical announcement of the child I thought, no don't say it will. I mean not a Darter please. A Royal one that darts ? Not possible. Oh well we just have to take it and swallow it I think. We will have in 2012 also another UK Football league in the Ukrain and Poland. So maybe the baby's are then 4 or 5 so they can win from thoes german patatoes ??? !!!

Shame on You Fog
Who have turned on his TV last week could have done several things: Turn the TV off as fast as it went on ! - Called Heathrow that they should spank the people :P - Watch TV and Laugh, and do like there was Stand-up Comedian Night on TV - Prey to god the Fog would keep on hanging !!! Why you ask ? Because there was Fog on hole Heathrow Airport. And as normal the TV has to interview the people when there is something big to report. Only what was irritating was the kind of people they were interviewing. One woman say'd: "I didn't expect it, so it's really annoing". More annoing I found was the fact that she say'd: "I didn't expect it". How dumm are you ? It's Autumm / Winter and you don't expect Fog ? The other woman, a lady; older and like much old lady's also dummer, say'd: "No one is appologising for the condition". WHAT DO YOU WANT STUPID WOMAN ? That the Fog will say sorry for that is hanging around Heathrow ? It are the weather conditions you can expect in the autumm / winter, IT'S NORMAL !!! But one thing is for sure they cancelled a lot of planes (most of them 100% correct), others however unfair ! And the company of Airport didn't announced it 3 hours before people were complaning :P