WEC | 24 Hours of Le Mans 2015

So my 4th time at Le Mans. And still a great event to be at. This time I had the grandstand above the pits. I wasn't to sure if I had a TV on the opposite side. But I had one, so I could follow the race as well. Instead of only the main straight and what was happening in the pits.

So qually displayed a huge difference between the Porsche 919 and the rest of the field. Nissan, with there debut back in LMP1 was even a disaster. Almost didn't make it in to the top 15. And after qually they even had to start at the back of the LMP-grid. The Viper was back (with one car) as well. And most of the LMP2 cars were also with a closed down cockpit. No big suprises in the GT, apart from the Viper. And during the last qually Audi catched up a little bit with Porsche. But still not able to defeat them. The race saw more of the same. The 919's were leading most of the time. Audi won on the straights, and so in the early stages there were a lot of overtakings. And after a couple of laps the back-markers were already put on 1 lap behind. Weird things were during the race when the Audi's were once more to quick on overtaking the back-markers. They can't vanish in to thin air. You have to give them the opportunity. They are also doing there race. Audi should be aware of that by now ! Toyota was totally not in there comfort zone. And with the Nissan Nismo nowhere to be found there wasn't a back-up in the area... So yeah the Porsche 919 won on his 2nd attempt in Le Mans. And it was the race with the records either way: the fastest, most laps, etc. So Audi needs to get back on game for next year / the remaining races of the season. They had a record of 5-consecutive wins till now. But Porsche broke there 6th chance on it. And Toyota really has to be back at there 2014 drawing. They were close last year. Nissan has had there learning year at Le Mans so hopefully they can do better next year.

Ford will be back next year with there new GT40. Chip Ganassi will run that team. So a bit more excitement in the GT class. LMP2 will have only one engine supplier next year. Bentley still would return (as the rumour says). And for me it will be the 5th time I visit Le Mans.