WEC: 24 Heures du Mans '14 | Review

So this has been the 3rd time in a row I've been to Le Mans now. On Wednesday we arrived in France. Watched qually on Thursday, pits on Friday and the race on Saturday and Sunday. And came back yesterday. It was quiete a changing entry list this year. From the four dutch guys that should drive, only 2 did. From the many teams who should enter, many of them didn't. Two of these car types/teams were Lotus and Viper. Lotus missed out the first 2 races of this years WEC already. All of this because of finance issues. They are coming back later this year, with the help from the Organisation. Viper couldn't make the trip for logistic reasons. However it was also not long before we went by car that I found out this year had a supporting programm as well. The Group C Legends returned for one qually session and one race. And the French Porsche Carrera Cup did the same. The Group C race from Saturday morning can be watched back below. I must say these cars are awesome !

The free practice and qually saw some big shunts. One of them was Duval, who crashed the Audi no. 1 in practice. And more of these weird shunts were going on troughout the weekend. The race itself on Saturday was quiete exciting. They expected 30% chance of rain. And so it did, when the race was just on the way the rain kicked in. And it started raining quiete heavy pretty quick. This saw the no. 8 Toyota broken and the no. 3 Audi even in a condition it couldn't be prepared. Before the first shower started Toyota was doing well. The no. 7 Toyota took pole on Thursday and went straight on to make the Audi on one lap behind. After the first rain Porsche 919 and Audi came back. But a second shower caused the Zeod RC to come to an end. The Delta Wing 2.0 as some may call it was pushed of the track the way I saw it. But it was unclear by whome. The 2nd shower also let us see some spinning and sliding from Ferrari in the GT Am and GT Pro class. The rest of the afternoon was quiete easy going. And racing as usual on Le Mans. Even Porsche took the lead for an instance. But it was pretty quick the no. 7 Toyota who took the lead. Around midnight Audi took it over. Toyota taken it away again, short after that. And didn't gave it away till the electric problems started around 5:00 on Sunday. This meant the Porsche 919 came in place. And everyone was stunned. But it was not meant to happen as tech. problems started for Porsche. Which meant the no. 1 Audi with Tom K. was now in place for a 10th victory. But while we were back on our way to Le Mans we heared it had a problem and so the no. 2 Audi took over. That remained this way. And the other Porsche dropped out as well. Coming back a view laps before the 24 Hours came to an end. All and all it was a nice race to watch / to be part of as a spectator ! Till next year Le Mans. For the 92nd year and the 83rd race.