WEC: 24 Heures du Mans '13 | Review

First things first: Rest in peace Allan ! The number 95 Aston Martin driver who was in a terrible accident in the early stage of the race... I was not at that corner. I was sitting at start/finish, just like last year. But we had a bigger screen this year. So we could see better what was going on. That meant also a bigger view on the particular crash. I didn't see the whole crash until I was home @ monday. The weird thing was that the comments on track were that he was alright, to hear later in the evening that he wasn't okay / died.

The rest of the race then... Great excitement because of the Toyota's that could take part this year at Le Mans, and make it hard on the Audi's. Not hard enough tough because of the safety cars and other things that happened. But still a good solid race. With here and there some rain, which make it fun too watch. A different grandstand this time but the same Bed&Breakfast like last time.

Made a lot of cool pictures. And even some small clips with my sony compact cam. Because of the 90 years of Le Mans there was a special of 11 legendary cars on friday during the pit-day. Even have photo's from Senna now and such. So a really good vibe again this year. Didn't follow the race that much like last year. I guess the accident of Allan had something to do with it. The image keeps getting back at you. But I enjoyed the race none the less. Good results trough the whole field / from certain drivers (also some female). The return of Viper was nice as well, they could finish the race. Dempsey back on track with the Porsche this year. Even more ex formula 1 drivers this year then last year. And a good and solid coverage from the organization of the race trough a web-cam. So I could even follow scrutenering at sunday.

Next year it will be even better, altough that are the predictions. With Bentley returning to the GT class. Porsche returning with a LMP1 car / Mark Webber. And another delta-wing like car by Nissan. So let's wait another +300 days for my third time at Le Mans.