WEC: 24 Heures du Mans '12 | Review

Quite an odd thing. Suddenly your there. At the cartrack of the 24 hours of Le Mans. I always tried to make a virtual image from it for myself. But never imagined it would be that huge. And then I don't only speak about the track it self. But also the event / happening around it. We where staying at a Bed&Breakfast house 40 km's away from the track. And the people there where just really nice and kind. That made the stay even better then it already was. And when you just like myself are going for the first time to Le Mans, you have sudden things you wish to see/experience. And so we did and even more then we tought it was.

If you watch it on television or on live streaming you will get struck by a feel of boredomness, but on the track you don't have that. It's excitement, it's the vibe, and most of them all it's the sound that catches you. We joined the action on Thursday before the race instead of wednesday. Our trip on wednesday was quite hard on us. And me personally because of all those miles (like the footage indicates). So qually sessions, pitwalk on friday and the race.

The race was just fantastic. We stayed until 10pm. So that is a 7 hour long sit on the grandstand. We had a good view on the main straight and into the dunlop bridge section. And a big screen in front of us. And so we also saw the big shunt between the Toyota and Ferrari. The repair sessions for Bourdais. The constantly bringing back the car on the track for the Perscarolo team. The Audi mayhem on the long straight. And the different punctured tires. One thing I didn't catch that good, was the fact who finished where behind the Audi's. That is a thing I want to improve next year.

Yes you hear it right, the people asked if we could join them again next year. And so we will. Different grandstand, with a bit bigger screen. Binoculars with us. Better camera (for me). But the same road and Bed&Breakfast please !