Formula One & GT1
Formula One has had already 4 races including this weekend's race @ Shanghai, China. Championship leader is Button, followed by Rosberg and Alonso. The first race was a bit boring under the new rules. But after that Australia gave a nice show and so did Malaysia and now China with the rain. Next stop for Formula One will be Spain (Barcelona), Circuit de Catalunya. Most of the teams will bring there upgrades with them.
Further towards Europe, to be precise in Abu Dhabi the new GT Championship started. Official called: FIA GT1 Championship, 12 carmakers, 24 teams and 48 drivers are battle'ng for the 2010 title of GT1 ! Since last year there has changed much in this carsport-class. The race has become two 1 hour races. And it's only the GT1 class that races during the events. So no GT2 anymore.
It had quite a weird start tough. In practices Natacha Gachnang in the #6 FordGT from Matech crashed into the safety barrier. Caused by a brakesystem leak on the back of the car. Thankfully she is okay. But the car was to damaged so Cyndie Allemann couldn't start her race as well. Natacha is making good recovery progress tough (actually quite the same as Felipe Massa last year). And she has been discarged from the hospital this sunday. Next race for the GT1 is @ Silverstone, UK in the first weekend of May. You can watch the whole championship online via streaming, and if don't have the opportunity to watch it live you can watch it again later that weekend / week. &