Formula One Montreal (Canada) & Europe (Valencia, Spain) | Review

So Canada was not that special. But none the less I will give a short view upon that race: Hamilton became the 7th winner of the season. Which is a good thing. Most of the viewers don't agree I know that. But personally I like it very much. It keep the championship exciting till the end. Okay it is somewhat unpredictable. On the other hand when someone own's all the tracks, it's not funny either. So I prefer this kind of championships. Grosjean was happy with 2nd spot. I am not a big fan of Grosjean. In my point of view he is still somewhat reckless in making some critical decissions. But overall he is better then he was. Maybe his career change into GP2 and FIA GT1 was a perfect thing to do. And 3rd the always smiling Perez. Which has become one of my favorites for the near feature. I just love these latin people. Then the people who didn't do well: Alonso, just went to far on the same tires in the last stint. Which cost him dearly. And Schumi, he had bad luck. Williams and Button from McLaren were also not good in class. Hopefully Valencia will be better !!!

Valencia then. Normally a boring piece of racing track. But not this year. It seems to be the year of opposit things. Schumacher back on pole in Monaco. Back on the podium in Valencia, yes you read correct. And no you aren't dreaming. The first driver who has a double victory for this season: Alonso. Vettel has a car that stops. Canada boring, and Valencia exciting. What is wrong with this season ? :P Nah, I like it. So Alonso the winner (emotional) for the GP of Europe. Kimi 2nd, and 3rd Schumacher. Who where not so good then: Kobayashi in my view: uneccesary hit on Senna and Massa. Senna got the blame, which was wrong in my view. Maldonado, just a frustrated driver, and making some huge errors once more. Vergne, just going to fast towards the left. Like Vettel did in Turkey with Webber some races ago. Hamilton, who didn't watched out enough for Pastor. The people who are misfortuned: Senna, he has a really bad part of the season. I wish him well from Silverstone onwards. He is good, trust me. Maybe something similair like Petrov in his first year @ Renault ? Lotus is not really missfortunate but should have won this race. Something is still missing overthere... Kubica ? Sutil was already there in Canada, and also now in Valencia what is he doing in F1 ? Or better yet what isn't he doing in F1 ?! Jenson, yet again not that good, but he is coming back in the end results. Massa down the drain yet again. But I think that is more or less because of the collisions in front and the one caused by Kamui.

So what will Silverstone bring. Well it brought already something: a grid penalty for Vergne. 10 places is only a bit too much for such an incident and such a driver. He wont qually in the top 10 or something :| Some talks about the seats for next year. Heikki at Sauber and Kamui at Caterham. The last year of Massa ? webber with yet another extension by 1 year at RedBull. Hamilton will deff. stay at McLaren. Kubica back behind the wheel ? And maybe at Ferrari !? Who knows: stay tuned on the 8th of July for Silverstone...