Formula One Monte Carlo (Monaco) | Review

The race at Monaco is always quite exciting. And with a season like we had till now it should have been even more exciting. Unfortantly it wasn't.. As far as I can remember this was the most predictable race at Monaco.

But first the qually on saturday. Schumacher grabbed pole but knew he would lost it because he hit Senna in Spain during the race. Which meant 5 place droppin' on the grid. Maldonado went from top driver in Spain towards a driver who is nowhere in Monaco. In the last training he had an avoidable collision with Perez, which caused 10 places down on the grid and then he also had a gearbox change for a single collision. Which meant another 5 places down on the grid. Then there was the fire at Williams in Spain after the race. Thankfully they only needed about 10% in equipment from other teams to be there in Monaco. And last but not least... Massa was back on his game in Monaco. Put him and his car on P7.

So the race itself was not that exciting on some caution yellow's at the start of the race. Grosjean went out once more, Maldonado didn't finish as well. So he has a really bad weekend to forget. Pedro de la Rosa didn't finish for the first time this season. Button went out of the race 8 laps before the end. That guy has some bad luck the last couple of races... The excitement came from Heikki who held up Jenson for the most of the race. Which gave him some solid points with other teams. But on the other hand it's Monaco. You can't pass each other that easy overthere... Bruno Senna grabbed some points for Williams with his 10th place finish. Kimi had a bad strategy / race, which dropped him back towards 9th. Lotus was hoping for rain that didn't come. (Which, let be honoust, would have been nice). Massa finished in 6th, behind Hamilton. And last but not least Webber won the race. Which makes him the 6th winner in 6 races. Will Canada (next weekend) give us a 7th winner ? One of the Lotus guys perhaps ? Then it will be an ever better season...