Formula One Catalunya (Spain) | Review

The 5th round of the 2012 season. This is the first race of the season which is held in Europe. The fun already started on Saturday when Pastor Maldonado grabbed P2. And knew at the end of the day he would start from P1 due to the penalty Hamilton received, for not making it back to the pits. Who would be the winner this time. Somebody new ? Nobody expected Pastor to win ! Maybe Kimi ?

The race itself is not that interesting unfortantly. All the teams have there winter testing program on this track. But it's good to see that teams are still developing there car and that this track is still 'the track' who gives the results or who doesn't give the results. Ferrari has found it though, Alonso was in the fight for the win. The same goes for Kimi, but the Lotus has the level it needs since the start of the season (basicly). This was also the only interesting fight in the whole race. The fight for first, second and third place. The podium was really nice, even more so when Alonso and Kimi lifted Pastor...

Besides that nothing much to tell about this Grand Prix. Only this: the stupid move from 'Schumi' cost him 5 places drop in Monaco (next race). And Williams can be happy once again after more then 7 years. But that is more less expected before the season started because Renault it the engine supplier for that team, once more.. And last but not least, Massa needs to improve very quickly otherwise it will be very soon an exit for him. And I don't know if you saw it but Sutil was there... Oh and offcourse the fire that was in the pits from Williams. But no one got hurt, which is good !