Formula One Sahkir (Bahrain) | Review

Where China was nice to watch after so many boring races on the Shanghai International Circtuit, was the Bahrain Internetational Circuit still quite boring to watch. Although the race was more exciting then before it was still the pole sitter who won the race. And didn't lost the position in the time the race was going on and on and on.. Who won the Grand Prix, Vettel. Yes indeed, the men with the finger is back. He may be a good driver but we saw a different Vettel in the first 3 races. And now that everything was in place we saw the Vettel from the past 2 years.

But enough about the no.1 during the race. Let's focus on the rest of the field. Williams was back with it's feet on the ground. Too bad basicly, because China was really a result to be proud about. In Bahrain both drivers went into the pits early and never left the pitbox after that. Jenson had a bad race once more, this time it was because of the fact the team didn't had a solid pit-job. But unfortantly this happens. And this time it was @ McLaren. Hopefully the next time it happens it will be at another team. Because Jenson has terrible bad luck the last two races. Sauber was nowhere, as they say thereselves this was due to the fact the strategy didn't work. Where is the time they just admitted that cars where built for certain tracks. Maybe in the case of Sauber this is really true but sometimes you get the feeling it's a bit too political ! Mercedes was also back on it's feet. But Rosberg still managed a 5th place. Which is a good overall result.

Vitaly did good. Ended the race in front of his team mate. And off course Lotus was really good. Raikonnen and Grosjean where on the podium. This can mean two things. Lotus is on solid ground and can improve from here. It can also mean it's a one time show just like Mercedes did in China. Ferrari was for once close to each other Alonso ended the race in 7th, Felipe ended in 9th.

This week the tests @ Mugello are on schedule. HRT won't be there because they are moving the headquarters to Madrid, Spain. For the rest there is not really much to say yet.