Formula One | Season 2013 (End)

As I said last weekend, this weekend a review-look at this last season. But also a look forward on 2014. Some drivers have already said that 2014 can not be explained just yet, because of the many different rules for 2014. And the many changes in drive line up. And in teams. So first the rule changes for next year. (Yes an odd order first the new and then the old, but it is my item). The engine is a big part of the changes. But also aerodynamicly there are a couple of changes. In a way the drivers need to adjust I guess. Just like when Pirelli re-entered the sport with Slick tyres. See the BBC item below for all of the changes, technically.

Then the look back to this last season. BBC does this in style, like always. And this year we have o'course the end of the V8 era. So that is also a thing in this years Review. Two more changes in line-up for next year. Maldonado and Grosjean are sure of a seat in next years F1. Maldonado will join Grosjean at Lotus. An odd combination, because they have been in each others way last year in Australia. But it's also maybe the best combination. Grosjean has grown as a driver the last couple of races. And Maldonado can maybe show his true form. The other change: Brawn will leave Mercedes at the end of this year. As said by BBC earlier. Toto Wolf and Mr. Lowe will take over his task. Where will he go ? Well there are several options: McLaren, Williams, Sauber ? Who knows. Eddie Jordan any idears ? For the complete look back look below...