Formula One Interlagos (Brazil) | Review

The last race of the season. The world champion already a known factor. The constructors championship decided, goes to Red Bull. Drivers for next year are already known as well (most of them). The training was quiet rainy. And it looked like the qually would also know some rain. But no, it didn't. So then the qually. No real big surprises. Expect the bad qually for McLaren and Force India. And the disappointment for Maldonado.

The race: Rosberg was for a brief moment the leader in the race. But most of the battles were in the mid field after Vettel took over the lead. Unfortunately Grosjean didn't make it far, his engine blew up. Kovalainen was once again overwhelmed by issues. Some people say that he is kicking down his own status like Schumacher did. But that is something for next year. The top 10 was more or less where it happened. And then in particular the places 3rd till 9th. Ricciardo could make it towards 10th spot. Massa and Hamilton were subject of an odd penalty. Massa crossed the pi exit to sharp, for like 1cm. Hamilton touched Bottas, which eliminated the Fin. But Lewis would like to see it as a racing incident. (But I already talked about that earlier this year). Hulkenberg looked good, but the speed of the Sauber was not that good. McLaren was doing good during the last race. Perez on 6th, and Button even on 4th. They could fight with Mercedes so that is good. Hopefully they will be back on top next year. And Alonso could finally get back on the podium on 3rd. As said Massa wasn't that fortunate and ended up in 7th.

Last but not least the line up of drivers for next year (with the facts that we know now). But first this was the last race of the V8 era, next year it will be a 1.6 liter V6 with turbo charger. We already heard what the Honda would sound like a couple of weeks ago. But that engine will be there in 2015, not next year. Then the drivers: Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Marussia, Toro Rosso, Williams and Mercedes are already sealed, last time out. So now we have still Lotus, Sauber, Force India and Caterham left. Force India is more or less sure if we may believe Eddie Jordan (BBC commentator), and a German Magazine already said it as well: Hulkenberg will return in the Force India. Along side him, he will find Perez. Whitmarsh would have advised Force India to take Perez on-board. Caterham is more or less tired of Pic perhaps and are looking in the direction of Marcus Ericsson or looking back at Heikki, but as said he may have broken his own 'game'. Sauber is not that sure on Sirotkin anymore, if we may believe Jordan. Which may leave a spot open for Sutil and Maldonado or Esteban. Or even Di Resta. But Di Resta has also an option back in DTM or towards the Indy Cars where his nephew Franchitti has been forced to retire from racing. And then Lotus: Maybe Maldonado, maybe someone else. But let's focus on Sauber and Force India first. Then the rest will follow I guess.

Next weekend, an item about the rule changes and the look-back at this F1 season...