Formula One Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) | Review

The second race of the season. Before the start of the race weekend it was almost sure that it would rain. And so it did ! Not as much as the people / me expected but still.

First the obvious things out of the way. Mercedes and even more so Michael put his car on p3. Raikonnen on p5 but he was given a penalty so that meant he started on p10. Kovalainen was given a penalty because he did a stupid move behind the safety car, thing is these people in the back are no tread for the top teams so why penalize them. (I will come back to this at the end of this Review, so don't worry). McLaren did go in 'Qually' once more, and Red Bull didn't ! Ferrari brought a new chassis but Massa was still not quick. Alonso did a bit better but in Italy they still need to do a lot of work..

Already at the start of the race it was clear that it would rain. Remaining question was, when will it really rain during the race ?! Well that was quite quick, on the second/third lap it was already raining. And near the 10th lap it was already undriveable and some drivers were already going trough the grass etc. After almost 30min. the race continued behind the safetycar. After the race was quite sit-back and relax for everyone to come in and to change there tyres. And don't see that many changes in driving order till the finish

But it ended differently. Senna had a little problem in the first part of the race but where Grosjean couldn't continue Senna could. So in the second part of the race he went trough the field like a hot knife trough butter. Which meant the first couple of points for Williams. Mercedes dropped back after some issues during the pit-stops. Perez was also going good, because he went head first on wet tyres before the race was temp. stopped he could go trough from third spot towards 2nd. Which made him and Senna the driver of the day. Raikonnen came back towards fifth (where he originally did 'qually' on). And Alonso did a good job for Ferrari, but that was more down to the driver then towards the team !

Overall this was a nice race, HRT started and finished the race. And had a points view in the middle of the race. But when the track started to dry-up it was back to the lower places on the field. Button and Vettel had trouble passing Narain but this was more or less there own fault. Like the commentator on the local TV said: "he can't just disappear into thin air". Weird thing is Vettel went to fast towards the racing line after passing Narain, but Narain got a penalty off 20 seconds for it. Because the tyre was gone on Vettel's car. Okay with Button he was simply ahead and it went for a place. But between Narain and Vettel it was something different. Vettel is not happy about how the things are going at Red Bull at the moment. But what is the point to punish Narain for it. He was/is a back marker. Same as the penalty for Kovalainen a back marker, and he overtook someone and went in to the pits, because he needed to do that.
If you ask me personally I would say they need to adjust those rules a bit. Michael goes almost-free on Barrichello back in 2010 at the Hungaro Ring but Narain must hand over 20 seconds for something Vettel did (basicly). If you read this FIA: you know it's not 100% straight yet (the rules) so do something about it.

Oh and one more thing the DRS duct from Mercedes has been put on a low, because the team is nowhere in the race. Lotus is still a bit off-pace. And China will be the first boring race of the season I guess.