Formula One Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) | Review

So Vettel is for the 4th time in a row World Champion in Formula 1. This weekend the aftermatches started, in Abu Dhabi. So qually: quiet straight forward if you ask me. Did someone jumped from the usual places ? Well, Van der Garde ended up on P19. Button had a down-time once again, P13. Alonso nearly joined him on P11. Massa did good, altough not the best result he had, still P8. Hulkenberg did well again, P6. Besides that nothing much. After qually it became more exciting. The car from Kimi was found illegal, too much flex in the front floor. So that meant on the back of the grid, because this was already the second time for Lotus this year, that it happened.

Then the race: Webber started on pole, but had one of his many bad starts once more. Altough this time it pushed him towards P3. So not that bad. With Hamilton it went worse, he lost more then 2 places in the first 2 corners. Kimi did loose it all. After a tiny contact with Van der Garde. His suspension just went on the collapsing mode. Very odd if you ask me, but have seen it before at Willams, etc. Both Toro Rosso's were nowhere in the whole race. Massa and Alonso were good, both in the top 8. If they did a bit better with Ferrari they could have ended up on the podium. Perez went pretty solid as well, P9 in the end. Di Resta had a great race, after many incidents in the last couple of races, and ended up in P6. So who won: Vettel, followed by Webber and Rosberg. In 2 weeks time we will be in the USA, last year was a great race. So hopefully it will show the same excitement again.

Then about the track-limit incidents. Maldonado, Sutil and Perez was quiet obvious. And in my oppinion Sutil should have got a penalty. 'Course Pastor forced him off, but he should've given the spot back to Perez, what he now didn't had to do. With Vergne and Alonso it was somehow different. Alonso went also off-track. But if he didn't do that then they would have colided. And he was also next to Vergne. Vergne who said that he didn't saw him, after they had been to the stewards, weird enough... But the FIA really needs to make this rule clear. 1: On every track the same rule, because in India they were allowed to do so. Or, 2: Give us the gravel traps again, for example 50 cm from the white line, to be nice to the drivers but also towards the fans. Then a driver will be automatically punished, if he goes too far.