Formula One Buddh International Circuit (India) | Review

So the -for now- last race at India was a succes. India is not that boring but still, it's a track from Tilke's hand. In 2015 the track will return to the F1 circus. But for now it was the last race at the Buddh Internation Circuit. So at the start of the weekend there was a small change that the race couldn't take place. Because of the money problems in India, but at the last moment that case has been put forward to this friday. Then the qually, Vettel didn't to be on pole. But he has been on pole for the first 2 races in India, so everything looked like he would take the 3rd pole as well, and so he did. What did the rest of the grid ? Maldonado and Grosjean were already out in Q1, because of the choice in tyres. Esteban hadn't a good qually either and ended up in P16. Toro Rosso and Force India had there usual battle for the top in Q2. Daniel was the winner of that battle, but he should be doing better then P11. The McLaren team locked out Q3 on P9 and P10. Massa stood in front of Alonso. Hulkenberg was on P7, again a solid performance from the Sauber driver. And both Mercedes drivers were behind Vettel.

Then the race: Van der Garde didn't see the end of the race once more, Chilton put him aside. And no penalty was given for that. And Pic was half way out of the race. Because of technical problems. So Catherham was out. What did the rest do ?! Bottas was doing good at a moment in the top 10. But the excitement that was expected because of the tyres, stayed at home. Massa was leading for a moment, but had to come earlier then he needed to be, because then he could have made a difference. Webber was looking good as well, but his alternator gave him an exit, 21 laps before the end. Hulkenberg had to withdraw as well. His Sauber went down. The battle between Grosjean (which made a remarkable recovery) and Kimi was quite hactic, but still the team should have acted differently. Now they needed to make apologies and such. And Vettel, oh well he became first with Alonso outside of the top 10, due to the fact of his wing was broken in the first view corners, and too much traffic.

So Vettel is champion once more, 4th time in a row now. With that he joins the few people who did it before him: Fangio, Prost and Schumacher. Daniel already made clear that he wants to make it difficult for Vettel, but respects him as well. The junior female-driver Visser in the Red Bull Junior team went out this weekend. The results didn't stick appearently. But she has potential so hopefully she will still get her change. And Brawn will stop working as a team boss after this year. He and Mercedes couldn't work it out. And so he will left. Fans want to see him at Ferrari or McLaren, but he may also retire for good this time... Next weekend we are in Abu Dhabi...