Formula One Suzuka (Japan) | Review

So last weekend we were in Korea for the F1 battle for the championship. But this weekend it was Japan. And here was the spot that Vettel could have go for the title. If Alonso would not finish higher then 9th. Oh well we all know that Alonso won't let that happen that easy... So what about qually?

The qually was enjoyable even more so after I watched free practice no. 3 early in the early-morning on Saturday. Some people were going off in between the Decna corners. Or just in front of the bridge. But that didn't happen in the qually. But still it was exciting to watch. Sutil had a bad qually and ended up in P17. But got a penalty for changing the gear box as well. Pic and Bianchi were already 10 places down due to the fact of ignoring the rules in Korea. Which is still a weird rule, 10 places down for the people who are already in the back. Make the grid bigger and let them really drop down that many places. Or adjust the rule for the guys in the back. Eitherway change it.
But to come back to the qually. Chilton did good, he was in front of all the other back markers. Vergne didn't had a great time in Suzuka his Toro Rosso was P18. Daniel didn't do any better: P16. So in fact Toro Rosso had a bad weekend. Williams did okay for there standards this season: P13 for Bottas, and P15 for Maldonado. Perez became P11, and his team mate Jenson on P10. Kimi had a bad qually: P9, with his team mate on a story-telling P4. Hulkenberg was the one too watch again on P7. And Massa didn't do bad either on P5, 3 places in front of Alonso. Webber was the Red Bull on P1, followed by his team mate on P2. Vettel had KERS problems, that was the main reason of his drop-down.

Then the race: Grosjean was the one with a head start into the first corner. That was really an amazing start, and you have to watch that. The unfortanate people were Van der Garde and Bianchi. And more or less Hamilton, who got clipped by the wing from Vettel, and had to retire lateron. Both Toro Rosso and Force India were invisible basicly. And couldn't make it count in Suzuka. Although Paul became P11. Perez couldn't make something of his weekend because his tyre was going away from him just before his pit stop. And the pit stop it self took to long. The same did go for Button unforantly. McLaren really needs to up his game when it comes to pit stops. Sauber did good, with a P6 and P7. And the fist points for Esteban, one year after the tremendous finish by Kamui in Japan (in 2012). Kimi did recover well from qually on P5. And Alonso did what we expected, and ended up in 4th. Vettel could overtake Grosjean after a long battle on / and off the track (in the pits). It looked like Webber could win, but the strategy-miss from Grosjean and the counter act from Vettel made sure the German would win. Felipe couldn't convert his solid qually into a good race result. That was really a shame. He was on the wrong places basicly.

In two weeks time, it's time for India. And Vettel can become Champion there. That would be a first for India. A track which is more or less a combo between Singapore, Korea and Japan. We'll see what happens there. Hopefully Alonso could still do something nice there.