Formula One Korean Internat. Circuit (South-Korea) | Review

So 2 weeks ago we had the Singapore Grand Prix, which was kind of boring. Korea is more or less the opposit of it, most of the time. And this year isn't an exception to it. Altough it seemed to be getting dull again. The qually was pretty interesting. Toro Rosso and Force India couldn't make it towards Q3. Neither did McLaren, altough they were on the right way this time. Unfortantly for them the usual suspects were on top again. The weird ducks between them ? Both Lotus drivers and both Sauber's. Yes indeed both Sauber drivers were quiet on top again. Webber did receive the 10 place grid penalty from Singapore, so he needed to start in the Q2 field. The most in the eye-popping qually came from Grosjean, putting his car on P4.

Then the race: First there was the 3rd corner slip from Massa. Which meant that Alonso needed to evade his team mate. This lead to some drivers who could jump the rest of the field: Hulkenberg, Kimi, Van der Garde and Maldonado. However Di Resta went out, he has very bad luck the last 3 races. After that Sergio Perez had a tyre wear issue, so a blown up tyre as follow up. Which caused a safety car. After that it was Sutil who shunt his car into Webber and it was burning almost instantly. Which caused another safety car. But the fire truck came on track earlier then the safety car, which lead to a weird situation on track. Thankfully they changed the pit exit and it was on the 3rd corner. So not much that could go wrong, but still. I guess they should change that 3rd corner. On the other hand, a more or less same corner was already there on Magny Cours, without too many issues. Weird thing was that Sutil didn't get a penalty for this. Nor did Perez when he almost forced Alonso of the track. But Van der Garde did receive one, for appearently forcing Bianchi of the road. It did not show up on TV nor on the FIA board. Because he was busy with a great race again... Oh well, all these safety cars caused a real nice race. Sutil went out in the end, after a penalty for speeding in the pit lane. And both Toro Rosso's had also a problem with finishing the race. Top guy of the race ? Hulkenberg for sure. And both guys at Lotus for completing the stage besides Vettel. Upcoming weekend, we are already at Japan (Suzuka). That is always a good track...