Formula One Singapore (Singapore) | Review

I did miss the qually a bit, so I can't give you a review on that part, only about the outcome of the qually/starting grid and the race it self. (The reason for this is in the Games section). So anything out of the ordinary during qually ? Well yes, Grosjean on P3. Massa in front of Alonso, Massa already declared that he doesn't feel like driving 'for' Ferrari for the rest of the season. So finally he can race for 'him'. Jenson nicely done on P8. And Esteban has finally made it into the top 10. With his team mate just one place behind him on P11. Raikkonnen however should have been in the top 10, but a painfull back kept him from a good qually. Di Resta had a terrible qually as well, P17. Marussia were the last in the back field, like it's the case in the last couple of races.

Then the race, not much going on in the race it self. Okay some overtakings but not much. In the first couple of corners it's kind of tense if Rosberg loses his claimed P1 from his 2nd starting position. But Vettel remains strong in Singapore. Hamilton loses ground in the early stages of the race, and can't make up for it as well. Raikkonnen has a very solid race, and ends up in 3rd spot. Very well done for the iceman. Button and Perez do have a solid race as well, they finish up in 7th and 8th. Maldonado was close, but only 11th. The unlucky drivers are: Webber (last/second to last lap of the race), with engine problems. Paul di Resta, again. Grosjean with perhaps hydro-system failure. And Ricciardo, which did a typical singapore driver mistake by hitting the wall in front of the bridge that goes underneath the grand stand. Oh well everyone had the same problem sooner or later. So it's 'good' he did it in the Toro Rosso.

So then the rest of the race. Webber didn't saw the finish, so he did got a ride home from Alonso. This was illegal, as known. But still a penalty for Webber of 10 places for the next race (South Korea). And even more so Alonso didn't got anything on his plate for it. The footage shows that Alonso is actually the one who would deserve it. He stops for Webber on the racing line in the out lap. That isn't a good shot. It wasn't on our TV broadcast, but I saw it online. Because the rest of the lap was okay, and not too fast for Alonso or Webber. And then the negative boo'ing on the door of Vettel, kind off justified, by his image/reputation. And Vettel himself doesn't care that much. But Christian and Niki don't approve this behaviour. But they have to look at the facts. Webber could have won in Malaysia but Vettel didn't let him. And since then the boo'ing actually started. Only now it's more on the broadcast of the race... Schumacher had the same in Austria and in America with his days against Barrichello (also team mate). So it's justified in my oppinion.