Formula One Monza (Italy) | Review

Sorry I am bit late with this Review from Italy. But I was quiete busy. None the less here it is.

First of all the drivers market. There we have a couple of changes. So first the move from Ricciardo. From Toro Rosso towards Red Bull, that was finally made public after the race in Belgium. Then last week the move from Lotus towards Ferrari for Kimi Raikkonnen. He has signed a contract for 2 years for the guys in red. It will be first time since the mid 50's that Ferrari will have two champions in the same team. But what will happen to Massa ? Lotus ? I sure hope so. But Hulkenberg is also in the run for the seat. But Massa wouldn't like it at Sauber, unless they are really capable of recovering there form from last year.

But now the qually and race. Qually was quiete odd/exciting: Force India (Sutil had a 3 place penalty for holding up Hamilton) and Lotus were already out in Q2. Lewis had a terrible qually, altough his pace in practice was good. He couldn't manage to deliver the same in qually. More or less due to the fact that the car was not fully 100% (and the hold up by Sutil). McLaren had a solid qually. Ferrari and Red Bull were on top again. The only odd sheep between the pack was Hulkenberg strangly enough.

The race was pretty boring. Hulkenberg couldn't end up on the podium, too bad, he ended up in 5th. The rest was the same as normally. With Vettel on 1st, Alonso on 2nd and Webber on 3rd. Massa very well done on 4th. Paul Di Resta wanted to do something good this race but unfortantly he came in collision when he braked too late. Vettel got boo'd at the podium, logical (home town of Ferrari). Webber on the podium was also something good. He never was on the podium at Monza.