Formula One Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) | Review

Summer stop is over in this years Formula 1 season. And during this break, away from the track there has been a lot of speculation and news. So let's do that first of all. Valencia has decided to drop the Formula 1. This means that Barcelona will remain as the one and only spanish venue on the calendar. Instead of spain that will switch between Barcelona and Spain. Suzuka on the other hand have there contract expanded till the end of 2018.

Then the qually. There was some rain, it was cold. And it was also dry on some moments. This meant that we had a typical Belgium qually this year. Willams and Toro Rosso were the big drop outs because of the wrong tyre on the wrong moment. Marussia ended up in the back of Q2, which is a big step for them. Caterham even got towards P3 at the end of Q1, but dropped back in the final results of Q2. Too bad the flying dutch men: van der Garde couldn't keep it up. But the weather went to become better for the rest of the field. Perez had a bad start in Belgium, which saw him end up on P13. Hulkenberg was solid on P11. Lotus and Ferrari had the last 2 rows in Q3, which isn't that good. di Resta did great but didn't keep his P1 or P2, and went down towards P5 unfortantly. And Vettel seemed to be the driver on P1. But Hamilton good do great job on Spa, so he came on P1 for the race on Sunday.

The race was actually quiete boring. If you compare it with what's normal on Spa. Vettel was pretty quick in the first view corners. And Hamilton made an unfortanate mistake. Besides them no big changes in the field. Ferrari could make some places good again. Which is good for them. Lotus had a terrible day, unfortanately because they were in the running as a favorite on Spa. McLaren couldn't much as well, but that was expected. Toro Rosso made a great recovery from the back of the field towards position 10 and 12. Williams and Sauber ended up in the back-field. Raikkonnen en di Resta had an unfortunate race. Raikkonnen had problems with the brakes on his car. And di Resta was the target from Maldonado, which got a penalty for this.

In two weeks we may enter the 'Autodromo Nazionale Monza' again. The home of Ferrari and Toro Rosso. With hopefully even more driver changes in the news for 2014.