Formula One Hungaroring (Hungary) | Review

Hungaroring, after 2 weekends of rest, finally some action. Altough, the circuit never brings real tention to the track. Okay sometimes it brings excitement. But most of the time it's boring. Just like this year. Thnakfully it gave us another winner then Vettel this year. Which restored some of the boring-factor.

First of all the tyre story / journalist in the pit lane. The FIA and the teams were pointing in the wrong direction I think. They were all pointing at the journalist-people at first, before they looked at there self. That is all I want to say about that ! Then the qually. Esteban and Paul where the drivers who missed out on Q2 this time. And it was all down to timing and tyres. Force India didn't like the adjustment that Pirelli made after the Young Drivers Test last weekend in Silverstone. And unfortantly Di Resta was the one to miss out on Q2. Williams was quite strong in comparing to other qually's this season. But still ended there journey in Q2 at the bottom of that session. Jenson Button was unlucky with only 13th spot. The top 10 was more or less the same... (Of what we are used to the last couple of races). But Hamilton was on pole. And Romain had a solid performance, which delivered himself on P3. The rest was the same as in other races tough.

Then the race, like I said boring. So I will give you the quick version / highlights: Only in the first quarter of the race it was exciting with fights for a position. The rest of the race was decided by pit stops, who were perfect. Massa was unlucky to came in contact with Rosberg. Both didn't need to have something fixed. Grosjean came accross Button. Also no need of fixing there. And Vettel came accross Kimi. Who didnt leave him enough space he said. While Vettel did the same at the start to Grosjean. So Vettel go cry somewhere else. Kimi also had a laugh about that, as far as I heared... Because he could go past him, but he wanted to back off so he could wine about it...
Then the drop-outs: Sutil with hydrolic failure. Guitterez, with a non-known failure to his car. Bottas, with an overheating car(/kers?). Rosberg, with an overheated engine (he has some bad luck this year). And finally: di Resta, also unknown. Kimi putted his car over finish at the end of the pit-wall, but was found legal. So nothing wrong there. And Ferrari has a fine of 15.000 euro for a signalsystem of Alonso's DRS system which didn't work the way it should.

So now we must wait because of the summer stop of F1, until the 25th of August, for another GrandPrix (Belgium)