Formula One Nurburgring (Germany) | Review

The german grand prix. Always a weird race in the season. It's a race with each year the 'other' track that is hosting the grand prix. Last year it was Hockenheim, a nice track and exciting from time to time. Most of the time by team orders. The other track, just like this year: Nurburgring, is exciting for the good reasons. This year was different tough. Yes it was still exciting, but only for the good reasons.

First the qually: Williams ended there bit on saturday already in Q1. With even some smoke on the car of Maldonado in practice. Thankfully without the fire like last year in Spain. Force India who has troubles finding the pace on the 'in between races' re-defined Pirelli tyres. Hulkenberg who did a great job ending in P10. The McLaren of Perez who had bad luck this time. But Jenson ended up in P9. Both Ferrari's with a different tyre choice from the rest and so they started on P7 and P8. Ricciardo who is doing great after the publication that Webber is busy with his last year at Red Bull. He has a solid place in the top 10 this year. And keeps on doing that since the last 2 races inside the top 8 even. Both of the Lotus drivers are doing well in Germany. Just behind the both Red Bull's, not bad at all. But Hamilton was the one that took P1.

Then the race. A lot of overtakings already in the first couple of rounds. After that it went a bit dull. But in the last stages of the race it went exciting again. It was the 600th race for Williams. But they couldn't do much. It was the race that Vettel never won. As said a lot of overtakings. But also a couple of weird stuff going on. Massa spun, and dropped the engine. So his race was short, unfortantly. Jules Bianchi was the next one to drop out of the race. With an engine that caught fire and rolled on to the track, because Jules parked on the hill side of the track. That brought the Safetycar on track. That was a bad thing for the race. Because that brought the energy of excitement back to zero. Jean Eric was the next one to drop out, just after the safetycar came on the track. Besides that not much. Ricciardo couldn't make the P6 to a solid effort. And so he ended up in 12. Webber had a good start, but was hit so he had to change tyres. But that didn't went smooth as well and even hit a cameraman in the pits. Thankfully he is okay. But we will come to that later... The both Mercedes drivers were nowhere with a track temprature around 40 celsius. Altough Lewis in 5th is still good. The both Lotus cars went solid. And even brought a bit more excitement because of the possible overtakings in the end. It would be nice if Kimi could have brought Vettel down a place. But the curse of Vettel was broken at last.

Then the news off the track. As said the cameraman is okay, with the accident in mind. Some broken bones. And some wounds, but stable and recovering. Red Bull was fined for it 30.000 euro's. But Ecclestone went crazy again after this weekend. Camera crew should retain to the pit wall from now on. And that is something that isn't understood by many of the fans. We want to keep the images from the pitlane. The fans want to be part of everything that is going on during a race. It's because of the fans that the sport exists. But no the camera people should be on the pit lane. It's the world of F1 upside down. Punish the teams for not doing there jobs. A human error may not occure, and even more the case when it comes to loose components of the cars. Front wing, back wing, wheels. Every team is responsible for there cars. Both of them. The cameraman is doing his work, the racing team should do there's. The wheel that came off in 2009 at Brands Hatch is still in the minds of many of you. During a F2 race where Surtees was hit by a wheel of his opponent. The wheels should be looking into. We lost Senna in 1994 because of a wheel (one of the key elements of his death at Imola). Surtees in 2009, now we could have lost a cameraman. The wheels of these men where in different conditions but should we punish the teams / tracks in questioning or the men who are hit by it. This might seem hard what I am about to do next. But for the record.... When a wheel enters the crowd, that came of a car should the crowd move further back, away from the track ? Should the camera man be replaced by robot's ? Should the drivers get horns on there car so they can blow away the slow opponents ? Should the car no longer have wheels but float around the track ? Should the cockpit be covered in glass... Which can shetter on the track when broken, with more disasters as a follow-up. Should the driver be replaced so Se........... Oh well you get the point... May they all rest in peace ! And may the camera man come back to his job. Red Bull already decided as well to adjust the system. So human error can't exist anymore from next grand prix onwards.

Then another thing that came on the table this weekend. The Contract from Hulkenberg at Sauber. Sauber is in financial troubles. They are trying to resolve it, that's good. But now there is a rumour / speculation that Nico Hulkenberg is maybe without a contract after this year. Hulkenberg could race at Lotus or Ferrari. That isn't the problem. He has the talent. Sauber on the other hand is depending on drives with money. Ecclestone should help these kind of teams. Because he wants to keep them. But when it's too late to help a team he shouldn't be knocking on there door anymore. He should help Sauber now, advise them.... But he isn't doing so. I hope for Sauber that they will recover from this. They gave us Perez, Kobayashi (now in the WEC), Heidfeld (also in WEC), Kimi, Massa, Frentzen, Alesi, Kubica and Vettel (during the BWM Sauber era), Wendlinger and Letho in the beginning of the Sauber career.