Formula One Melbourne (Australia) | Review

The first race of the season has been completed. And we know a bit more where everyone stands. As a racing fan, and particulair as a F1 fan I will have something new to share with you for this year. I will give my view on the race. So every sunday or monday after the race I will write down what I thought of it. So look out for my view on things like: The worst 'move', the driver of the race and stuff I noticed along the way...

So first of all the obvious things out of the way. After saturday's 'Qually' Perez from Sauber got a grid penalty for changing the gearbox. Which send him back from p17 towards p22. HRT didn't start at all this race. Not really a suprise if you look at the fact they didn't had any winter testing. So Pedro and Narain where already done for this weekend. Marussia did start, just like Caterham did ! Caterham thought it would do better in 'Qually', but eventually they weren't better. Okay a bit quicker but not better. Red Bull had a bad winter, and that came awfully on top when 'Qually' was over. On the other hand Mercedes AMG Petronas did better winter-work. Michael Schumacher started from p4. And last but not least, McLaren was back, but even more so Maldonado with the Williams was back in the top 10. And o'course Nico Hulkenberg.

The race was in one word: awesome. A lot off overtaking. Even more then I thought. Hamilton messed up his pole position, which is bad for him and his confidence. But I think he can really do it this year, together with Button. 'Schumi' had bad luck. His car wouldn't go any further. Senna had bad luck in the Williams. Already on the back of the grid and then been touched by Ricciardo in the first corner of the first lap... And halfway trough by Massa. That last one was quite a big shunt. So the stewards are still looking into it.

Perez came back from 22nd towards 8th which was really good, and therefor one of the best drivers / drive from this race. Along side him Button, even under little pressure from Red Bull, caused by a safetycar situation he didn't let Vettel trough. And kept him away from first place. Maldonado was also doing well but a stupid mistake / bad luck ruined his point scoring for Williams. Hopefully he won't know bad luck in Malaysia next weekend. An other driver who was kind off the driver for this weekend was Raikonnen. Okay he was suppose to drive better on saturday but he did a nice work on damage-control today. From p17 towards p7, which is a good result. Especially when you take in mind that Grosjean didn't look well enough by overtaking Pastor and went out of the race after 2 laps. It could have been a good weekend for Williams and Lotus, but it was only for 1 of the 4 drivers a good finish !

So Australia has been done: 1 Button, 2 Vettel and 3 Hamilton. The last one was quite mad on his own because of the fact he failed to translate his pole towards victory. But it's the first race Lewis so chill. If they penalize Senna for the incident between him and Massa then the FIA will look stupid once more. So hopefully they will punish Massa or none of them. Mercedes AMG Petronas must still watch out for the other teams because they wonder how they got passed by the FIA with there DRS-duct...

Oh and 1 more final thing, too bad the BBC doesn't have full season coverage of F1 anymore. Now I need to watch a local stations with alot off commercials in-between the race. I hate that !