Formula One Silverstone (England) | Review

Such a full weekend of excitement this weekend at Silverstone. The announcement from Webber to leave Formula 1 after this seasons and returning to Sportcars with Porsche (See the WEC Review I made from this years Le Mans). The fact that Mercedes is becoming quicker. And the lovely weather at Silverstone, instead of the typical wet weather in the UK.

So qually was quite the usual stuff. With some suprises here and there: Di Resta on P5, but had to start at the back after he was found to light on the scale after Q3. The amazing P1 result for Hamilton. But besides these two nothing much as far as qually goes. Then the race. Now that is something different. Why can a sportcar hold on to the tyres for lap after lap, and a F1 car not ? Even at Le Mans tyres went from the car on to a different route. But not like the Pirelli's did this time in F1. Thankfully they are looking into it. And I could understand why some people on Facebook / Twitter said: red flag this after the third car went 'boom' on the tyres.

So the race then Lewis was unlucky that he was the first in the race with a tyre that went bust. Perez had it already in qually. Afer that Massa had the same in the hunt for Sutil. And Vergne had it as well when behind him Grosjean and Kimi were fighting for there places. And Perez had his 2nd tyre blow-up in the race as well, after a well done overtaking on Button. Good for Lewis that he could fight back to 4th, that was really a strong move. The same we can say to Webber, after he dropped back at the start towards the back field. Di Resta had also a solid drive. Ending up in 9th position. Ricciardo really delivers when needed I think we'll see him in a Red Bull in 2014, instead of Kimi. And Williams with a solid result during there 600 anniversary during this GP. McLaren wasn't that lucky tough. Maybe it's because they stopped with Tooned :p But I heared it's coming back...