Formula One Montreal (Canada) | Review

So Canada is most of the time the third street circuit-type (outside Melbourne and Monaco) which is nice to watch. Unfortantly not this time. I guess you can say this race is more or less the example now-a-days for the drivers looking out for there tyres. So anything that did happen out of the ordinary this time at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve ? Well qually was interesting, Massa went out in Q2 after a crash in the first chicane, turn 3. Bottas went to a solid P3 after enough rain / cold weather. Both McLarens did not make it into Q3. Vergne did a good job in the STR. There was 1 penalty already for Grosjean. But there were 2 also added. For Kimi and Daniel after not line up correctly at the start of Q3, so 2 places down for them. Which meant that Hulkenberg enjoyed a P9 instead of outside the top 10.

The race, not that interesting. Some minor flaws by overtaking from van der Garde and other back markers. But overall good. Fights around DRS and such. Both Saubers out of the race tough. Vettel finally giving Red Bull there first win in Canada. Kimi who has now the same record-number of chained wins back to back as Michael Schumacher. Vergne ending on P6. Both Mercedes drivers also very good result. So overall good. But not that much happened, like it's normally the case in Montreal.