Formula One Monte Carlo (Monaco) | Review

After quite a boring race in Spain instead of Bahrain. It was now time for an exciting race once more. Monaco is always the venue every car-sport fan is looking forward to. Even if you don't have anything with F1. It's the same with Le Mans or the Indy 500. You just have to see it, as car-sport fan. It was even forcasted it would rain a bit. And so it did. Only it didn't rain during race day but just before qually. So the track was wet, and that meant everyone went out on intermediates. Maldonado was the fastest in Q1 but dropped out of qually in Q2. Van der Garde made it to Q2, but he also had to stop in that same session. Still not bad to be on P15 for a race in a Caterham. Too bad Massa couldn't participate, because of the weird crash. Ferrari said it was a driver error, but if you have seen the onboard footage you will now better. Mercedes was in front yet again. Other teams weren't so happy about that because they may have had an advantage above the other teams because they tested 3 days with Pirelli after the race in Spain. Pirelli on the other hand says: We have asked other teams to join as well, they didn't respond or didn't respond well.

So then the race. Awesome as always. The start without too many incidents. Only the pile up at the hairpin: Pic braked, Maldonado responded in an odd way. And van der Garde piled upon Pastor. After that only a couple of odd stuff going on. The weird manouvres by Perez on Button and Raikkonnen. Witch could be good, but they way he performed the moves was off. The move on button went okay this time. But Perez expected Button to get a penalty, which is odd for a team- mate. To let you make a move, so he can provide from it. The first move on Kimi was still okay but Kimi got a penalty for that one. The 2nd move on Kimi was misfortunate for Perez, he damaged the car and fall back in to the field. After that Kimi had a puncture, so he also needed to make a stop. But Perez didn't finished the race. Unfortantly Perez didn't get a punishment. (Even after the comment Perez made on the 2nd move, should give him a penalty. He didn't got the room from Kimi he said. But it was other way around). Like Chilton or Grosjean received, which is odd. Grosjean had a terrible weekend already, and the hold up by Ricciardo didn't help. So he launched into the back of Ricciardo at the end of the tunnel. Chilton was driving well but Maldonado was on the inside between him and the railing. Chilton didn't saw him or something so he just went to the railing where Maldonado just drove for driving there, not to pass him. And for that Maldonado was launched into the barriers, which wiped itself around the car. So the race was temp. stopped for that incident. And o'course the big shunt from Massa halfway the grand prix. On the exact same spot as in P3 on Saturday.

So the punishment for the people: Grosjean, 10 places down the grid for Canada. And Chilton already needed to come in. Then some other news. Williams will drive in 2014 with Mercedes engines. And Toro Rosso will drive with Renault engines. And for the one who didn't heared yet. Honda will return in the McLaren from 2015 onwards. So big changes to be done.