Formula One Catalunya (Spain) | Review

So the grandprix of Bahrain was somewhat nice, awesome, etc. But Spain is normally the thing where it happens. All the teams bring there updates to the european continent. The motorhomes are there for the first time during a season. And the fans know basicly where every team is standing. So everything is in order, everyone knows there places and so on...

The qually was pretty straight forward for the most part. Things we noticed were: Giedo van der Garde with a solid 19th place. Even became 18th place after the penalty for Gutierrez. Jenson Button with a terrible qually, out in Q2. Adrian Sutil, who should be the most experienced driver at Sahara Force India, failed to deliver for the second time in a row. Di Resta in top 10, Sutil not. The two Ferrari's next to each other in qually, but Massa held up someone in qually so a couple of places down the line for him. Mercedes with the pole again. And even a 1-2 for them. Rosberg the stronger guy on P1. And Vettel only 3rd with Webber in 8th, so no help from him. Not that he is getting help from Webber after Malaysia o'course.

So then the race, all about the tyres. The pit stops. Too bad Giedo went out of the race because of a misguided pit stop, and so he lost a wheel. He could make it back to the pits, but it was too damaged already. Williams was nowhere this year, in comparison to last year. Lewis Hamilton had the worst race of his career, in compare to the worst race at McLaren last year. Only dropping further down the field. Esteban with finally some solid performance. But Hulkenberg without luck, ended up in 15th place. Button and Perez finishing after each other. With no close battles this time. And Alonso, Raikkonnen and Massa on the podium. Good for Lotus and good for Ferrari. (The double podium).

Next weekend the guys race in Monaco, that can't be a boring race at all. With the things Pirelli must manage now.