Formula One Sahkir (Bahrain) | Review

Bahrain, normally not the most exciting race on the calendar. (Read the preview from last year). But this time it was different. In qually not that many suprises. A lot of penalty's were handed out tough, 3 in total. What was good about qually was that Rosberg was the silver arrow who started on pole, instead of Hamilton last time. And the Ferrari of Alonso on P2, in front of Vettel. Oh and the Force India's were good as well. Both in the top 10.

The race: Sutil dropped down, Rosberg dropped down, even some of the top players dropped down. And all of this because of the tyres. (But on that fact I will come back later). So Rosberg dropped in positions, on lap 6 the order was already Vettel, Alonso, Di Resta and Rosberg on P4. Di Resta you say ? Yes indeed, he had a great weekend. He would also end on P4 tough. After a couple of pit stops, because of the tyres it looked like this: Vettel, Di Resta, Massa, Perez, Raikkonnen. 4 laps after that, when finally everybody had his first stop (except the long runners), we saw the following: Di Resta, Raikkonnen, Vettel, Webber and Bottas. Even Bottas was doing great indeed. Williams already said that race pace would be better from now on. And it seems to be the case...

There were also some small incidents. Gutierez and Sutil, and between v.d. Garde and Vergne. And after that a battle between Alonso and Perez and Button and Perez. Whitmarsh said lately he wanted more struggle work from Perez on track. Well that's what he got. But I don't think Button is happy with that. Fair enough sometimes it went almost wrong. But Perez did good. And it provided some excitement. The knocking between Perez and Alonso went better tough. Then between him and his team mate. And the media is already picking up the fight. Instead of covering the whole story. Because Button was indeed also fighting just as hard back. The fight between Webber and Rosberg was however not without results. The 200th Grand Prix present for Mark came in the shape of a warning. That was also enough I think. But then they should have done the same with Perez, Button and Alonso. And even Vettel in the last race in China. Then there was also a small fight between Hamilton and Webber. Which Hamilton won. But this fight was already in lap 56 of the 57 laps in total they have to drive in Bahrain. Lateron Perez passed Mark as well. So Perez finished in front of him. Which let to the following result after 57 laps: Vettel, Raikkonnen, Grosjean, Di Resta, Hamilton, Perez and Webber.

Toro Rosso was also back on his feet. With some bad results in this race. Perez has maybe a lot to learn, but the McLaren team needs to make some things clear as well for him. What do they expect: a fight or a smooth driver ?! Then the tyres. Hamilton had already troubles in the free practice. With the middle of the back tyre crawling away from the car. Leaving one of the suspensions cripple behind. And Massa had it in the race, out of nowhere. Which lead to time loss. Pirelli really needs to fix this. It was on the hard tyre for god's sake.