Formula One Shanghai (China) | Review

China, the first race after the controversial win from Vettel in front of Webber in Malaysia. No matter what your statement is on the whole matter, it's not the way it should happen. Ask Didier Pironi, ask Michael Schumacher. Hell ask any driver and they propably would say it's not the way it should be done in the first place (if you want to do it). None the less the cherry on the pie came with Vettel talking to the press in China. If you first apologize to every single person in the paddock / team and following race-weekend you are spinning around 180 degrees. Then you are doing something stupid. If you then also tell you don't know what Multi21 is and then later comes out that a couple of months ago you asked for the same thing in a different order: multi12. Then some things won't add up.

But enough about that. The qually: Ricciardo on P7 after going trough to every single session. Even Button, when answered by his team where he's at on the grid, said: wow ricciardo, awesome. That means a lot to drivers who came up trough this world the hard way. The other Australian: Webber doesn't had such a good start of the weekend in China. The fuel installation didn't put in enough fuel-weight in it. So instead of enough fuel for a couple of laps. And then also enough for the people from the FIA to take a sample from it. There was only 15 ml. left in the tank of Webber when the lap came to an early end in Q2. He ended up in Q2, but after qually he was stripped from his position and the team decided to start from the pit lane.

The odd boys who came trough to Q1 ended up on the grid on hard tyres, had an advantage: Button, Vettel and Hulkenberg. They were the drivers that ended up in front in the middle of the race, with even Hulkenberg in the lead. for a couple of laps. And altough Perez didn't start on the harder tyre, he could manage the tyres on his McLaren well. So he also joined that small group of 2 stoppers, at that point. There were also some weird things going on, on the track. Sutil in clash with his team mate di Resta. Sutil didn't understood Paul's move. But Paul couldn't go anywhere else, otherwise he would be on the grass. Perez was driving his typical line with Raikonnen slipping on the grass and hitting one of the back tyres of Perez. Kimi wasn't happy with that. Martin Whitmarsh however want's to see more of this from Perez in reasonable matters. Webber had even more bad luck. Even after qually not everything went well. One of the wheels went off. And he came in contact with Vergne before that. Ricciardo drove a solid race, ending the race on the same spot where he started: 7. Gutierrez was driving of Sutil, with a late braking action. Too bad for both of them. Nico had problems with his suspension, basicly the whole weekend.

Then the punishments. Perez remains as a free-bird. So no penalty for him. Gutierrez gets a 5 grid drop in Bahrain. And Webber gets a grid drop of 3 in Bahrain, for an avoiable collision with Vergne. Besides that the story of Webber joining Porsche are becoming bigger. You say what ? Porsche doesn't do F1... correct they don't. But they are returning at Le Mans next year. And rumour has it that Webber may join them. Porsche fully denies this tough.