Formula One Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) | Review

2nd race of the season. With a qually session which saw Lotus further down the field. Williams still not in top 10 or anywhere near it. Force India on pace. McLaren not that bad as well (for being it a 2nd race). Ferrari and Mercedes are keeping them self close to Red Bull. But Red Bull on top. After Q3 Kimi was forced towards P10 instead of P7, for helding up Rosberg. There was even a slight amount of rain in Q3. But not as heavy as it was in Melbourne.

For the race they expected some rain. But after lap 15 the wet conditions came to an end. And from then it all came to the deciding question: who has the best strategy. Well clearly not Fernando. It was his 200th GP entrance. Before it started he said: 200 or 199 or 201, it doesn't matter. Well we saw that. He / Ferrari let there chances fall down the drain, with not replacing the front wing after the 1st lap collision with Vettel. So in lap 2 it was already over for Alonso. Webber had a better start then in Melbourne and he wanted to prove that. Red Bull decided after the last stop no overtaking but Vettel didn't stick to that plan. Newey was even upset, I didn't expect that from him at all. The rest of the race was quite interesting. McLaren came into the points. Force India didn't practice there pit-stops enough. First the wheels don't get on the car. And later on Di Resta and Sutil needed to retire. Same happened with Button on the moment it shouldn't happen. He came from P1 into the pits and ended in the back field, before retiring.
There was another thing going on in the pit: Hamilton almost ended up with getting serviced at McLaren. And Hulkenberg en Perez were fighting on track. So they could decide if Perez was clever leaving Sauber... In the end Hulkenberg would finish before Perez. But for a second race under the huge media pressure, Perez did also quite well. The other DNF's came from Maldonado en Ricciardo.

Last but not least the single point for Toro Rosso, that Vergne brought to the team was a quite expensive one: 10.000 euro's because the team let him loose to fast during one of the pit-stops. Where he hit Pic. Too bad. But the talk of the race will be about the fight inside Red Bull and Mercedes. Mercedes not that much. Ross just wanted both people to finish. And Lewis declared on the podium that Rosberg should have stand there instead of him. Really sportive of him. But Vettel just wanted the first place so desprately. He would do anything. A bit too much like Michael if you ask me...