Formula One Season 2013 & Melbourne (Australia) | Review

The F1 season has started once more. The season 2013 is a fact. First the regular/odd stuff. More and more country's become familiar with the pay for watching F1. Altough Mr. Ecclestone says time and time again that people should still be able to watch F1 in there default broadcast enviorment. It becomes more and more an act of payment, to watch 22 drivers on the highest level of single-seaters. This is a bad thing if you ask me. But I can't deside what Bernie should do, unfortantly (from time to time). So from this season onwards, at least for the following 3 years. The local station who broadcast it for years lost the contract. BBC was already on 10 races per season. RTL Germany is still broadcasting LIVE. So that's what I will follow now, most of the season. When BBC is broadcasting LIVE, I will switch to that. And I saw later yesterday the summary from the pay-channel on the a local station who only does summary's this year... (So that the dutch viewers still have a dutch channel more or less, idiots). Damn that commentator is an idiot ! He sees a Williams and says it's a Sauber. Not even close... He says Alonso when it is Massa overtaking some drivers...
Speaking about drivers. Payed drivers are also in F1 again since 1,5 / 2 years. One driver comes with a tiny bit of money, the other one comes with a pile of money. And the last bloke comes with a mountain of coins. Side-effect is: that the real tallented drivers who are also underdog don't get a chance. And payed-driver A rules out payed-driver B. Heikki (ex-catherham) didn't felt the need to prove himself. (Fair enough). And so he could go. Vitaly is also out of a seat... Narain is out, hell whole of HRT is out. And de la Rosa moved to Ferrari (as a test driver) thankfully. Senna didn't get his opportunity. After a full-good-learning year at Lotus and a full year at Williams. He was more consistant then Maldonado, but hey he has more sponsors.. So bye bye Senna. And that for a team like Williams... Now Senna returs to WEC, where they DO see his potential.

Then the race weekend at Australia: The qually was an odd thing. Q1 on Saturday, Q2 and Q3 on Sunday morning before all the formal stuff like drivers parade / briefing. No real suprises there, besides the bad performance from Williams and Mc Laren. Vettel on pole once more, Webber along side him. The fact that qually was devided into two parts was already rare. If this happens more in 2013 it can become weird.
The race was better then the qually tough: We saw the first time in years that Vettel couldn't turn the wheel tough. And it ain't the car, 'cause Mark can turn his wheel. It seems that Vettel has a configuration on Hungry Heidi that is wrong for a twisty track. Weird enough, Australia is such a track... We saw it on his way to the grid, coming out of the pitbox and even when he needed to park at the 3rd spot after crossing the finish line. Indeed 3rd spot. Mr. Vettel didn't won. This was more or less due to the fact that the 1st pitstop went wrong / came on the wrong moment.
Hulkenberg couldn't even start his race for his new employer Sauber. There was a problem with the fuelling system. Which let the team decide to retire his car before moving it to the grid. It came trough today that he will have a new chasis in Malaysia. Hopefully he can do better there because Guiterez can't give the team the points they need. The remarkable stuff during the race came from 2 persons and 1 team completely. Jean Eric Vergne for Toro Rosso, did a great job. He really is a fast Frence-dude. And the STR-car is really good this year, it seems. Adrian Sutil wasn't good in qually but the better in the race. Because he started from P12 he could go longer on a different set of tyres. And Ferrari was back on it's game. Okay not on the podium with both cars yet. But fair enough... Better then McLaren, altough Button finished the top 10 when he crossed the finish line.
Who was the winner then ?! Well Sutil lead for quite a while, but his stops were longer. The suprise came from the Lotus-box. The team-principal Eric was already aplauding with a fast-looking pitstop. But Kimi made it worth it. He was just out on track at the right moment. And did it on his own. Okay slightly helped by the small misfortune from Vettel and Sutil. But still, most of it on his own... The people who didn't make it are Rosberg, Maldonado, Ricciardo. The other suprise was Hamilton in qually: 3rd spot but he couldn't transfer that into a podium on sunday. The dutch guy was also scoring-fair. With ending the race 1 place before last spot.

Coming back to the qually (last but not least), I want to give your mind a thought about something. We are F1 fanatics. We don't care about the time that a race is broadcasted. Australia has been for a couple of years now been later on television then before. Instead of around 4, now around 6. Problem with that. Also seen in Malaysia: side-effect on rain. It rains more and sooner. If the qually would still be at the same time as before then it would have been the same conditions for everyone. Now they were different from Q1. Weird thing is not one single team on the back filled in a complaint. Which is weird I think. Although the weather was horrible, I admit, they could have make a sound. The time-movement from Australia and Malaysia would make it better to watch in Europe. But when we have these kind of thing the 2nd and 3rd part of qually will be broadcasted around 1:30 am on sunday. This is a stupid time-frame. Because 4 hours later the race will start. They should reconsider the time-frame. Who is with me ???