Formula One Interlagos (Brazil) | Review

The last race of the season. Like every year the season-deciding race goes to Brazil. The track where all action takes place is Interlagos (between lakes). Normally it's or incredible hot or raining like you've never seen before. Forecasted was the second of these two options. Unfortantly it was in between both options. Dry in all the three free practice sessions. A quick and short shower of rain at the start of qually. Which didn't mess up the session that much. And unfortantly not the 80% of rain they expect to fall during the race. None the less enough rain to keep all the people busy. The drivers, pitcrew and the people on the pit wall.

So qually was quite normal if you look at it with Brazil track-standards. Then the race. McLaren on P1 and P2 from the grid, RedBull behind them, and behind them Ferrari. So basicly the top 3 teams had also the chance to win the race. There were already a view drops from the start on. Vettel was almost out of the race because he didn't let room for the rest of the field in the second corner. Senna couldn't go anywhere and he didn't let room. Personally I would have penalized Vettel. Not so much because I hate him, but more because of the fact that if someone else does the same to him or other top-team-drivers, then they ARE penalized. But oh well Vettel need to re-overtake everyone from the back. Then the rain started to fall and basicly everyone chosen to go to the intermediates. But Massa, Hulkenberg and Button didn't. Which meant a different front order then normally.

It was that part of the race that kept it interesting. With some people going off: Grosjean, Maldonado and Di Resta lateron. But also Raikkonnen, who thought he took the escape road, but they closed a fence. So he needed to turn around for the second time on a short piece of road. After this rain had stopped. It was obvious that Alonso had the best papers for the championship. But then the tyres were going away and Alonso had hoped for more rain. FIA systems said it wouldn't rain so Vettel came in for another set of dry tyres. But it did start to rain towards the end. Unfortantly Vettel went up the order by now so he was awfully close. And the pit stop didn't send him back to the end of the field. And he had none-expected help from Hulkenberg who lead the race after this second shower started. He could overtake Button and Hamilton did as well. Hamilton was in front after a couple of laps that Hulkenberg lead. But Hulkenberg tried to overtake him again in the first corner. Which didn't played out that well. And they colided unfortantly. Hulkenberg got penalized for this. And so Button was in front again, as was Massa. Massa who drove a great race on home soil. Alonso was third. But Vettel came on sixth position. If Alonso wanted the title he should have got to first place but he couldn't. And Vettel was back on his game. The crash from Di Resta came to late basicly because this could have saved Alonso. But it was not destined to happen I guess.

None the less Alonso had driven a great race. And personally I think they should change the system on the last race deciding championship. If the championship is decided on the last race. Then the points shouldn't matter anymore. And the top of the championship (in theory the one's who can take the crown) should end on the podium. So in this case Alonso would have won cause he is no. 2 in the standings and Vettel didn't make it on the podium. If Vettel did make the podium then the points would count again. But I guess that rule is to tricky for people to follow.

Then the drivers line up for next year Kamui needs to find another spot. Petrov and Kovalainen need to find another place as well, as far as it looks now. And HRT needs another money spender, otherwise they are out of Formula One. And so there are more people waiting for a seat. Because Senna or Maldonado needs another seat as well. Sutil might come back to Force India. So it will be a busy drivers-dance still to come.