Formula One Circuit of the Americas (USA) | Review

It's amazing how a new 'Tilke-track' can be just as good as a track who is already on the calendar since the beginning of the championship.

Now this line is a bit killing for what I actually mean. But it states the respect for this track from fans all over the world, the drivers and the teams inside the Formula One compound. There were certain people, and I was one of them for sure. Who had there doubts about this new 'Tilke-track'. But quite honoust: the track is amazing. Enough places to overtake people. The hight-differences in the track is fantasticly done. The only negativ thing I could came up with was the boring qually. But that is more due to the system we have since a couple of years then the track it self.

The qually was not really interesting as I said above. So we go straight to the race. People expected the championship to be completed at the end of this race. And that Vettel would be for the third time world champion. Thankfully that is not the case. This is how it went down: Vettel was on pole, Hamilton second place. The Ferrari's of Fernando and Felipe made a tactical penalty for there good. And the first corner is uphill. So first some small overtakings because the first corner is wide and the hairpin is also wide. And the S's in the first sector of the track are very good for overtaking when you are called Kimi Raikkonnen. That men really nails it, he did it before in Suzuka when driving for Ferrari and McLaren, and now he does it again in the Lotus.

Somewhere halfway the action started really. Webber and Vergne went out of the race. Both with car problems. And the people on the back of the field were overtaken by the rest of the pack. Vettel didn't make it okay when he overtook a HRT before the hairpin and so on the following (DRS) straight Lewis could do, what he does best, overtake Vettel when it hurst him the most. And fair enough the HRT was not to blame. He tried that in Malaysia for the first time and later again. But it's not fair towards HRT or any other back-droppers. They can't disappear in thin smoke just like that. It's not possible. After that the american fans went out of there mind. They love to see Lewis win, and that is what happened. The constructors championship is for Red Bull none the less. The Williams duo did a great thing / fight between each other with entering the top 10. They did it steady as well, Senna a bit more then Maldonado. Felipe had a solid 4th place. Hulkenberg did a good job on again for him (but also for other people) a new track. Which was something he also did in Brazil in his maiden year in F1.

The people who are a bit off the pace are Sauber, Mercedes and Catherham. Altough that last one did regain them self in the race there qually was bad enough to have Marussia in front of them. And offcourse Lotus. Okay 7th and 8th is still good on a new track. But we expected more after Abu Dhabi. And if we talk about Abu Dhabi we can also talk about Interlagos. The last track in Sao Paulo, Brazil for this season. Is coming up this weekend. You can follow it on the BBC as well. And offcourse on your local broadcaster. Personally I would love to see Alonso win his third title. He deserves it for what he does at Ferrari with that terrible car they gave him. And with me more ex-formula 1 drivers see it that way as well. Villeneuve, Barrichello... So let's hope for the best.