Formula One Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) | Review

So where to begin with Abu Dhabi ? Well Vettel went from 3rd to 24th on the grid, and eventually the team decided to start from the pitlane (fuel issues in the RedBull caused that). Besides that nothing special on the grid. Maldonado in the top 10, Raikkonnen in the top 10. So then the race... Now that is something differently then we were used to in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton looked to win the race in the early stage. But a fuel-pressure defect caused him to stop. Rosberg couldn't evade the steeringwheel lock from Narain, so that gave a massive shunt. Which you may have seen during the race or on the internet already. And there were a couple of other small/big incidents. So let's sum them up shall we. So in the first corner Hulkenberg already went out, he couldn't go anywhere else so Senna and Di Resta had Hulkenberg in the side of there cars. Both drivers could continue thankfully. Narain's steering wheel went in to full-lock so he needed to slow down. Rosberg didn't saw that in time so he went on the back of the HRT. That caused a SC for the first time during the race. After that Vettel was almost in the top 10 when Hamilton retired. After that Massa and Webber and Perez with a couple of other drivers went crazy along each other. Perez got a stop/go of 10 sec. because the avoidable collision. Di Resta escaped the mess. and Massa did as well. Webber, Grosjean went out, and Senna almost did as well. Followed up by an almost puncture on Senna's car caused by Vettel. But it went good. Charles Pic was the only one after the second SC who came in to the pit on his own. Vettel came in to the top 10 because of that. Both Maldonado and Senna were in the top 10 because of the many incidents and they could stay out quite long.

So then the championship. Hamilton went out and so Kimi came ahead with Maldonado most of the time behind him, but he went down the field because of a KERS problem. And so Alonso came on #2. And Vettel kept on going strong more or less because of the SC's came in his part of the pit-stops. That result meant that Alonso is now 10 points behind Vettel. For Kimi it was all over before Abu Dhabi, so the 1st spot came to late, unfortantly. Personally I liked Senna during this race. That many incidents around him and still went past everyone of them. Which meant 8th place for him and his team mate on 5th. Heikki did well for Caterham finishing 13th. And Pedro last on 17th without a lap behind on the rest.

So in two weeks the 2nd to last race of the season, on a new track. Will Kimi win once more ? Can Alonso get ahead of Vettel so we have a deciding race @ Brazil ? It would be nice !