Formula One Buddh International Circuit (India) | Review

3 more rounds to go, 3 driver championship contenders to go. Altough Kimi is more or less out because he needs to win the remaining 3 races to become the champion this year. And when that happens he still needs Vettel and Alonso to score no points at all basicly. So all that's left are Vettel and Alonso. I sure hope so that Alonso will take the crown. He diserves it the most I think. Vettel has many more years to go, Alonso want to end it on a high note I think.

So how was the race weekend of India then. Well basicly it was very impressive because of the 2 DRS zones. And the overtaking it brought forward. A lot of that took place in mid field after a couple of laps. But the first couple of laps showed us the top-teams can fight on track as well. Two McLarens and a Ferrari along side the back-straight off the circuit, nearing the hairpin with an amazing speed, and still make the corner. Alot of cutting tyres tough. They all did it there self tough: Perez, Schumacher and Maldonado. Maldonado did the best recovery tough. Still finishing the race and all.

So who was good and who was the terrible one this weekend ? Well Alonso did well from 5th towards 2nd with a strong Red Bull and McLaren along the way. Hulkenberg is one hot-driver these days once more. After his first year at Williams. With the remarkable pole in Brazil. His first real year at Force India becomes a good year as well. Points when it matter in India. A perfect look ahead towards 2013, with the story's binding him towards Sauber. Good for you Nico. Kimi went strong as well all the way catching and wanting to overtake Massa. Real good. That is also the reason Massa ended the race on the same place he started it, because of the fight with Kimi ! Bruno did good as well, I know one point but better 1 point then nothing (with Maldonado this race). The team of Sauber really needs to let there drivers back on the focus-potion. They lost it after Japan...

Looking forward to Abu Dhabi upcoming weekend.