Formula One Korean Internat. Circuit (South-Korea) | Review

When the F1 season comes to an end. You can get two kinds of races that are left. Option 1: the races are getting boring because there is already a winner known to the audience. Or in fact he is already the new world champion. Or option 2: The championship is still open enough to get exciting. None of these options for this past race weekend tough.

Alonso no longer leads the championship. Vettel does. The first back-to-back victory of 2012. And what is Vettel ? Exactly a back-to-back world champion. The BBC told us this weekend that he can be one of the few who are tripple world champion. And even more so, one of the fewer racers who made them after each other. Quite impressive. Okay the RBR-car is a great car. So basicly every quick bloke could do this. I mean, Alonso, Hamilton, Kimi. Personally I don't like Vettel. But none the less a good performance by the team / driver.

So the front of the grid wasn't exciting. The excitement began at P4 / P6 and from there towards the back P16. Both Williams drivers in a team-battle on track. Too bad they coulnd't climb up this race. The two Toro Rosso's slicing trough the pack from the back field towards points. Perez, which unfortantly came to a quick end. Button which came to an early end because of Kamui. And the fight between Hamilton, Hulkenberg and Grosjean. Hell, Romain has got his feeling back once again, finally. No he should stay out of trouble, for his sake.

So enough overtakings and quick people. Massa with nearly another podium, but he needed to let Alonso go. Personally I would have allowed Massa trough, because he could forced Webber into a mistake. And then there could have been 2 Ferrari's on the podium. Oh well Webber deserved a podium as well. But personally I would also gave Hamilton a splash-and-dash at the end. That piece of Astroturf cost him too much time. Hopefully the Korean track will be better next year. Excitement wise and track-wise.

So McLaren is out of the race. Vettel, Alonso and Kimi are still in. I wish that Kimi grabs the championship in the last race. He done it before. And the Lotus isn't that bad for it either. Come on Kimi let us show your winning-finger. Oh, sorry, Kimi doesn't do that kind of things. Well thankfully he doesn't let's just keep it cool !

P.S.: In India they gave Massa his own kerb the Massa-kerb in turn 8 and 9. Crazy indian's... :D